Monday, September 22, 2008

Been a while and Happy birthday to................'s been a while since i typed up a post. Getting bored of blogging? sure not. May God save me from procrastination and lack of time management.To all of you who checked on me, encouraged me, made me laugh and prayed for me; I'm saying THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH and i really do appreciate each and everyone of you. One of the reasons i'm putting up a post today is because of two of you. Believer and Nyemoni (i'm jealous they're birthday mates).Believer, i'm thankful to God for making you see today and for how far He has brought you and for where He's taking you to. I'm thankful to God for His faithfulness in your life, for what He has taught you and what He's teaching you. For those He has made their paths cross with yours', for how He has used you to bless, encourage and teach people.May the best friend ever (God) continually surprise you, may His blessings over your life never cease, may you continually bring Glory and praise to His name. In every area of your life may unexplainable and undeniable favour continually be your testimony. I also pray for your relationship with God, it will always be that of better to best. You always remind me of how important realizing and fulfilling purpose is and i pray that you will fulfill your purpose here on earth.Happy birthday and i want you to know i am thankful to God for being able to call you more than a sister, a FRIEND! Have a great and funfilled day. Love you much.