Thursday, May 7, 2009

Waiting isn't easy at aaaaaaaaaall..............

Lord, i feel so BLANK right now. I hear a voice saying to me "Wait on me", but i'm replying that voice saying, 'Lord, if this is you, how long will i wait, how long Lord?'.
Right now, I honestly feel so pained, i feel so tired, i feel so angry, Lord i honestly can't express my feelings in a word, but i know You know exactly how i feel.
I honestly desperately need You more than ever, i really need You to help me wait on You. I am helpless right now.
Happy new month people, hope you're all doing great? Hope to be back soon, as in sooooon . (lol).

Sunday, April 26, 2009


She called your name, and said it was you. "Oh my God!", i was shocked, but not as shocked as when i heard the door was shut behind the most important people in your life. I just heard you say "Sister Bisoye, e de jo e fi mi si le" I remember those words like you spoke it few seconds ago. I knew you, but not as your friends did. I can remember you to be the tiny voiced soft spoken being, but was life that soft spoken to you?
I knew you had dreams and aspirations in life just like we all do. You dreamt your dreams, and it began to unfold before your face, along with it's fufillment it came handy with smiles to the face of your family,and as an accomplishment to your patner. No the dreams weren't done yet. You had yet another dream, a great one, to bring forth the love of your husband and you. Lo, this precious one came to life thru your nuture, and sure bore you tremendous happiness. But you couldn't play with and hold this child. But you still had dreams Another dream accomplished, yet another one to achieve. But No!, pain just wouldn't allow, not even the confusion on the faces of the doctors would allow this dream. You fought hard just to achieve the next dream, you fought with love around you, you fought with hope, strength, unmountable faith, most importantly with the eyes of your little one all in your thoughts, you fought with tears, and i bet you fought with all you ever had.
One more chance, or just more time was all you needed. Time just to hold your husband and child and tell them you love them even as that door shuts on them. Time, just to tell your family that you appreciated every sacrifice and love they extended towards you. Time just to say to friends, thank you for being there amongst all. Time to put certain things into place before you leave.
He said no to all the time you wanted, He said your fight was over, He said the pain was enough, He said you may never understand now but He said there's a time for everything. He said it was your time. You, your husband, your family, your friends, and I all have questions as to WHY? Why you? Why now? Why this way? Why so soon? Why your husband? Why your child? Why your family? Why allow all these dreams and then say it was time? WHY? Why allow death the triumph? No, it wasn't the triumph of death, It was the say of God. He has designated a time to and for everything.
Because i know your God is watching over your child and husband, and for the fact that I KNOW WITHOUT A DOUBT that HE NEVER sleeps neither does He slumber.