Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Lack of sleep.....

Hmn......... ......... ........ So i set the alarm for 4:30 am, 'cos the sales start at 5am. Only for me to switch off the alarm when it woke me, 'cos i just wasn't feeling the need to get up at that time. Finally i woke up at past 6am, got myself ready and left the house.
After picking all the neccesary things i needed, heading towards the cashier, i saw this long line. I was like "I'm not feeling this line in any way or form, no be by force to shop the sales". Hubby goes "You love the sales, right? then you have to love the line". I honestly wasn't too happy 'bout the long queue, but i realized i had crunch biscuit in my handbag and he had a bottle of water with him, well i guess that combination would do till it's my turn.
So standing sideways, but in front of me, was this GOOD LOOKING, FYNE,FOINE, KWEET, CUTE , great looking dude. I raised my head up, smiling, with my dentition being exposed and i took a look at my hubby for a few seconds. He looked back down at me, smiled and said "You're thanking God for my beauty right?" I smiled at him and silently replied "........ this guy is fiiiineeeeeee". My husband looked down at me, smiled and replied "Thanks, i know; but i can't help it thats how i was created, thanks to God and beautiful genes." Well, i know you're good looking and all, but i'm talking 'bout someone else here.
Nywayz, I wasn't bothered about the long queue anymore, 'cos i had something else to take up my time, till it was my turn. Finally dude, noticed i was looking at him, and said "You woke up early for the sales, right", and i replied him and said " Nahhhh, i didn't sleep at all, but u sure look like you woke up just for the sales". He smiled back, and said "yeah, well that's true". I didn't stop there, i went ahead to say, "You know you're good looking, right?" So shy, he answered and said thanks, and finally turned towards me saying " Isn't that a wedding band on your finger?, and isn't that your man?" I replied him saying "Yeah thats true, but being married doesn't forbid me to appreciate beauty when i see it". I saw a cute looking man standing next to me, and i had to tell him he was cute, 'cos thats true. (You know guys would forever feel overly cool with themselves sometimes). When he noticed my husband was looking at a different direction, he came closer, and said in a very quiet voice, "how 'bout lunch sometime soon?". I replied and said "I GOT EYES FOR BEAUTY, But sorry I GOT MY EYES FIXED ON A BEAUTY ALREADY! but i still believe you'r cute though. My husband turned around, and I rested my head on his chest and placed my right hand on the left side of his chest, and smiled. My husband smiled back, feeling so so so so psyched up and cool with himself, with pride on his face, he looked at the guy, and said "How 'bout that response?" . (So he was pretending to have his attention fixed somewhere else all the while?).
The guy feeling kinda ashamed, looked back at us, and said "You both look like a wonderful couple and i admire that, but I hope you weren't offended?" As if it was planned, we replied the guy together saying "Nahhh, it's okay". So with my husband's hands round my waist he whispered and, said "I'm pscyhed up about the compliment, how about taking you shopping again, next week?". I smiled back at him, only for me to hear "Hello, Hi, did you find everything okay?"
Geeeeezzzzzzzzz, IT WAS ALL FANTASY ON A LONG QUEUE?............. .... This is what u get for not getting enuff sleep. ALL FOR SALESSSSSSS (Mind y'all i'm not a cheap person, but i appreciate crazy sales, it saves u a whole bunch on cash). And don't tell me you all don't have those funny fantasy moments.
(This happened during thanksgiving sales 2006). Just decided to share this with you all, 'cos i was reminded about it again. Have a great day people.

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Happy New Year (Not too late)

HAPPY NEW YEAR everyone!. Olamild after reading ur message, i knew i just had no choice than to put up something.
I'm so grateful to God for yet another year, i honestly can't thank Him enough, but i pray i would always be thankful to Him. I also pray that we'ld all have numerous reasons to be thankful to God this year. I personally i'm looking forward to being a recipient of His 2008 BLESSINGS, I'm going to believe Him and His words especially those things i thought to be impossible (EVERYTHING is possible to him who believes Mark 9:23) and i hope you all are highly expectant this year also.
To my fellow bloggers, lookerbys' and readers let's walk through 2008 with God, believing Him, and that His grace, strength and love would see us through this year. Remember the challenges would come, but it is POSSIBLE with Him.
Happy New year once again. Take care and have a funfilled and fufilled week ahead!