Sunday, January 13, 2008

Happy New Year (Not too late)

HAPPY NEW YEAR everyone!. Olamild after reading ur message, i knew i just had no choice than to put up something.
I'm so grateful to God for yet another year, i honestly can't thank Him enough, but i pray i would always be thankful to Him. I also pray that we'ld all have numerous reasons to be thankful to God this year. I personally i'm looking forward to being a recipient of His 2008 BLESSINGS, I'm going to believe Him and His words especially those things i thought to be impossible (EVERYTHING is possible to him who believes Mark 9:23) and i hope you all are highly expectant this year also.
To my fellow bloggers, lookerbys' and readers let's walk through 2008 with God, believing Him, and that His grace, strength and love would see us through this year. Remember the challenges would come, but it is POSSIBLE with Him.
Happy New year once again. Take care and have a funfilled and fufilled week ahead!


30+ said...

She's Back finally

Happy New Year Rinsola, Amen to the prayer. That same scripture was what we emphasised on new year Eve. Once has he spoken twice I have heard.

Ugo Daniels said...

HAve a wonderful new beginnings this year 2008. Cheers!!

OLAMILD said...

come and see o
come and see
come and see what the lord has done
he has made rinsola update oo

Happy New Year

princesa said...

Happy new year rin-rin!

Miss Iyabo Opeke said...

Happy New Year for d 100th time...!!!

Rinsola said...

@ 30+ yes o i'm finally back. Thank God for His words.
@Ugo, same to u, been a while sha.
@ Princessa, don't rin-rin my till u've updated on tha gist.
@Olamild if i lay my hands on u. @Ms Opeks i know it's been a while, i'm off to ur page now.

disgodkidd said...

welcome back beautifully named you...happy new year

vindication through innocence said...

Same to you too!!God has big things planned for this year.

Israel Emmanuel said...

HNY! Better late than February 28!

Forward ever, backward never! Keep on keeping on...