Sunday, February 24, 2008

Great is thy faithfulness............

So on Saturday, I was thinking all about me, when one of my folks decided it was the best time for her to say silly things she wasn't meant to say. Nywayz, after waiting to be insulted and all, i had to take a drive down the street. I had barely gone on a 10 minutes drive when this song came to mind "Great is thy faithfulness" and ever since, I've had this song on my lips.
Immediately after i sang it once, I heard a word say "ALL you've ever NEEDED, His hands have provided". I remember repeating those words over and over again, and finally saying "Lord, I'm sorry for all my complaints through your faithfulness, and thank You for Your provision when i was in NEED'.
But a couple of hours ago, i started singing the song again and i heard another word "Morning by Morning, NEW MERCIES you see". I felt this guilt within me and i had to say again, "I'm sorry for being a nag, and I'm thankful for Your mercies in my life".
Truth is, I've messed up more than i can ever remember the counts, but through it ALL, God has been more than faithful than the word itself. He has indeed been a provider for my needs, i may not have all my wants now, but i have ALL that i need and that is HOPE (Him).
Try singing or reading this song sincerely, think back to times when you were in need or want, and ask yourself if He ever provided for your needs and what He did about your wants.

Great is Thy faithfulness, O God my Father;
There is no shadow of turning with Thee; Thou changest not, Thy compassions, they fail not;
As Thou hast been, Thou forever will be.
Great is Thy faithfulness! Great is Thy faithfulness!
Morning by morning new mercies I see.
All I have needed Thy hand hath provided;
Great is Thy faithfulness, Lord, unto me!

If you can read Ephesians Chapter 3, please do and if not, i hope verse 20 would encourage you.
"Now unto him that is able to do exceeding abundantly above all that we ask or think, according to the power that worketh in us,"
Not being too spiritual, but God is INDEED FAITHFUL! Be encouraged, and have a funfilled and fulfilled week ahead.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Vals day as a single and married lady..................

As a single lady:
It's 12:00am, yet another day people attach attributes to:Valentine'sday, what other's call "Lovers day".I'm in my flowery hot pink PJ's. I deliberately saved this PJ's for this day. It didn't seem like i was going to be on the phone with that special person today, it didn't seem like i was going to be out there dinning with him, or him reminding me of his love. I felt this thrung of pain, and my eyes were heavy with tears.
I screamed "I'M LONELY, BUT WHY ME?" I sat by the edge of my bed, turned on the radio, but trust me that made things worse. Flashback of memories: memories of tales of love between friends of mine, and people i know. I had to switch off the radio, clung to my blanket and curved up like a ball. I was so restless, i had to get up and take another look at myself, I stood in front of the mirror, and asked myself all the possible whys? I'm a good looking, well mannered, and joyful lady, so why me? why don't i have someone in my life now?
There was this moment of silence in the room, trust me i even couldn't hear the wind, or sounds of crickets, or whatever. It was just so quiet, and i enjoyed it for a while, only to be interrupted by a call. Foluso my good friend was on the phone, she was crying. Foluso are u okay? i asked her, and she said yes, it's Kunle, and i'm just dumbfounded, i donnow what to do. I calmed her down, and started asking her all sort of questions, Is everyone alive? Are you pregnant? did he break up with u? did he cheat on you? Ki lo'n shele, o de bami soro now? (whats happening, please talk to me?) did he beat you? what did he do? and She answered no to all those questions. I just couldn't figure out why she was crying at that time of the day. So i told her no matter what it was she would be just fine, and assured her i was there for her, and she said yes she knew, but she was crying 'cos "HE JUST PROPOSED TO HER". Are you kidding me? Waoh, i'm so happy for her, but thats just one more of my friends and counting who would be getting married, and me still being single. I just couldn't contain it anymore, so i rejoiced with her and worst of all she said, i'm calling to let you know you would be my chief bridesmaid, and you would be going with me to shop for my dress (Within me i was on another cloud, all thoughts racing thru my mind).
Are u still there she asked me, and i was like yeah. I had to let her off the phone with an excuse that i had to be at work very early the next day. I made sure she knew i was happy for her and had no resentment whatsoever, not even a clue that i felt so down, and happy at the same time. Down that i still had no one, but happy that this guy sure made her happy today.
Since i already got myself a ticket to barbados, i just had to call in sick. I packed up a lauggage of lovely and comfy clothes, and in no time i would be on my way to the airport.
The fact that i don't have a man in my life now, doesn't mean he won't come anytime soon, and the fact that i'm single now, doesnt mean i can't have fun, and make myself happy. If i can't make myself happy and fufilled now, i doubt if the presence of any man in my life would make me happy or fulfilled. I've cried, i've hurt, i've felt so lonely, and depressed, but all these would not change a thing. I remembered hey, i've also LOVED LIKE IT WAS JUST ME IN LOVE, i've given my all in these past relationships, but it just didnt work, so what do i do? LET GO AND LET GOD!, and after crying the tears out of my tear gland, i decided it was enough. My cab would be here soon, and in a few hours i'ld be in Barbados.
I'm yet another happy person i can make myself to be. I'm going to have a blast today irrespective of a man visible or not in my life now.
HAPPY VALS DAY Ladies. To all the single ladies in blogsville. BE HAPPY, AND DON'T HAVE A PITY PARTY!


On my way back from work, my sister called me up and asked if i could help pick up a few things at the grocery store, and stop over at her house. I did so, and even picked up a lovely cake, so we could nibble on since my man was out of town. Got there and unloaded the stuffs, cooked a nice dinner of yam and eggs. After dinner i decided to stay a while over at my sisters' since my niece was so much awake and wasn't going to sleep anytime soon. My sister begged me to stay till 11:30pm,since i was going to be the only one at home. I sure declined, 'cos i had a whole lotta stuffs to do at home. So she called my husband up and asked him to beg me to stay for a while, my husband sure does have ways he puts things to me that may make me see reason with him, so i decided to stay back. After all the chit chat, and memory lane visit i had with my sister, i decided it was time to leave. I left my sisters' house at 11:45pm, and tried calling my husband, but he didn't pick up his phone. I was wondering if he had gone to sleep already. I was also upset that he hadn't called to say all them lovely sweet nothings, since it was few minutes to vals day.
I drove home in silence, and had smiles on my face whenever i had any rememberance of funny times he and I had. I finally got home, drove into the garage, and tried switching on the lights but they just wouldn't turn on. I was a liittle irritated, but since i knew my way round the house, i felt i would figure it out without slipping off. I got into the house but couldn't see nothing since it was so dark, so i picked up the phone to call my husband to ask why the lights weren't coming on. I was so shocked when i heard his phone ringing close to me; I talked out loud "WHAT IS HAPPENING?" His car isn't in the driveway or garage since he dropped it off at the autoshop before travelling. Nywayz, i walked up to where i heard the phone ring, and lo and behold it was his phone not me hearing stuffs. I screamed out "Babe are you at home, can u hear me? whats happening?" There was no response so i called my sister, and she was like "I need to go to sleep miss lady, would talk to you tomorrow".
Was that not my sister i just spoke to? did she say she was going to sleep, and not even bothered at what i just told her?. I would be fine i told myself, and wondered what was going on. I had thoughts racing through my mind as to what reason could he give that his phone was not with him after i spoke to him earlier on. I was quite worried, so i walked up to the bedroom, but as i sat on the bed, the lights came on (i screamed!). The site of what i saw, i honestly can't begin to explain to you. It left me speechless. Here was my 5'11" man standing by the bathroom door. "Oh no u didn't" was all i could say, and he replied "Oh yes i did, and would do it over and over again". My husband had arrived earlier from his trip, and planned with my sister to keep me over at her place late so he could get things in place before i came home. Guess what? the bedspread was changed to a new spread of pale pink and yellow (figure out that color combo, i bet you it's HOT!). There were a couple of boxes wrapped by the side of the bed, he wanted me to open it immediately, but trust me i was overexcited that I started crying,and sure they were tears of joy, 'cos God has used this man to bring me more joy, and assurance that things would be fine in my life. All i did was cry and hold on to him. All he did was say "Babe i love yous o much". Nywayz ,i took a bath and layed down close to my man to sleep, and guess what? i looked up and the ceiling had this shine-shine (let's be razz for a second) letterings, saying " So far, It's been a wonderful ride being your husband, and I WOULD MARRY YOU OVER AND OVER AGAIN". I Couldn't contain myself, and i remembered what God once told me "When it's your time, I would bring My pick of man into your life". I had tears trickling down my cheeks.
Now it was my turn to give my husband his gift. I gave him an envelope and told him to open it. He did, and after that, he carried me and i saw tears trickling down my husband's cheeks (That was the second time ever, the first time was when he read a letter i wrote to him before i met him). With his hands on my stomach, he said a prayer, and looked at me and said "Baby, this is the BEST VALENTINES GIFT EVER, and THANKS for being the WOMAN TO CARRY A PART OF OUR LOVE IN YOU" He was referring to the report in the envelope i gave him, I AM PREGNANT!.
I couldn't ask for anything better that moment. I'm Thankful to God for my husband and for His gift of love in our home.
To all the ladies in the house, may this and many of better things alike be your tale. HAPPY VALS DAY! LOVE YOU ALL MUCH

(Wrote this last year)

Monday, February 11, 2008

Random thoughts.............

Straight to the matter at hand:
Well, for those who live in America, you all know this is the season for some extra cash in your pockets right? This is the season when you have to file your taxes and see who owes whom. Either you owe IRS or you're free from their hands (Which many people pray for).
Nywayz, so i was just think-talking to myself and wondered why and i've always wondered why on earth do people ask for the total of whatever they have placed in the OFFERING basket for the past year when filing for thier taxes, and why do people give out checks during offering? (Why would you not cash the money before coming to church? or are you keeping a record of how your money is being spent?)
Well, the first thing that came to my mind was Mathew 6 vs 3-4: But when thou doest alms, let not thy left hand know what thy right hand doeth. That thine alms may be in secret: and thy Father which seeth in secret himself shall reward thee openly. But, the money that goes into the basket isn't alms, It's an offering. So i felt that scripture didn't answer my question enough.
So i decided to share this think-talk with you all. Share your insights with me please:
Why do people need thier offering/tithe information for the year when filing thier taxes?
Why do people give checks during offerings?
Disgressing to another serious issue. With the way things are going at my end with tailors, styles and deadlines, It seems i would beg mama Suraju to teach me how to sow clothings. It is so frustrating that i can't get a great tailor to sow the loveliest of styles on my ankara without paying some ridiculous prize. I need to add sowing to my hubby, and who knows very soon i could become one of the major designers whose speciality is African prints.
Happy new week everyone, take care of yourselves and have a funfilled and fufilled week ahead. Much love from Rinsola the aspiring tailor.

Sunday, February 3, 2008

MP and I

MP and I have been in a relationship for four years, and truth be told It’s been a relationship I’ve always thanked God for ‘cos when I look at other peoples’ relationship with the other one and the complains they give, I’m really grateful with mine (Though I’m not content with MP, but I really believe it’s heading for the best).
My mum actually introduced me to MP, and When MP and I started our relationship, it took me a while to get to know the real MP, and one thing I loved about MP was that he was just different from others; he was just so special and unique in his own way. Everyone close to me knew MP and each time they wanted me to help out with an errand during occasions they knew the most effective way to get me to do the job was to ask MP to help me out.
Nywayz, three years into our relationship MP decided to share the “TRUTH” with me, long story short; he told me he believed that he wasn’t the main person for me, but that he was in my life to fulfill a purpose and take me through certain stages of my life. Ever since he unraveled the truth to me, I’ve always had that at the back of my mind, but I’ve always prayed that whenever MPs time was coming to an end, God would have another one lurking around. (Selfish but truthful prayer).
MP started acting up with me, but things were still within control. Fast-forward thru my silent times with MP. He decided he wouldn’t talk to me again (This sure sent me into a depressed mood) After a whole lot of pleading, consoling, promises and pledge to be my over best self to him, I decided it was time to involve a third party, so I called a couple of my friends who knew MP quite well, and told them all I believed they needed to know. They pleaded with MP and funny thing is all MP did was give one funny sigh ALL THE TIME they were pleading. It confused me so much that everyone was asking me if I was really sure I didn’t do anything wrong. Nywayz I left him and went home that night, but I was so so restless and decided I was going to report him to God, ‘cos this was not the right time to loose him at all (BAD TIMING). Imagine people being warmed up by their other ones, who would warm me up? Who would I cry to? Who would be ready to take my mess, excess and my tears? Who would I burden with my burden? Who would I share my fantasies with? I just had to talk to God ‘bout him, ‘cos honestly everyone had tried their best but there was just no hope. So I started reporting him to God and guess what? Rinsola was WEEPING to God that night (Yes o, WEEP, not cry) I said all the sayables to God about MP that night and I slept off.
Next morning I decided to ask a friend to take me to see him. We got there and at just one touch from me, MP started flowing in his sweet accent (So God doesn’t joke with my tears? Honestly if you were the one I wept to, you would not allow me a second without helping me out). MP started flowing o, and Rinsola started jelling with smiles and tears trickling down her cheeks. It was so good to be true so I asked MP to take me home, but also that my friend should tag along at the back, incase MP changes his mind and leaves me rideless. MP took me home, made sure I was comfortable enough before he said goodnight, and eversince, MP has allowed me 15minutes of his early morning time till date to assure me that we’re back together again.
I’m so grateful to God for answering my prayers regarding MP and after embarrassing myself (My mouth was in an indescribable shape/form. I kinda feel God shook His head and said “Look at my Rinsola spoiling her mouth all ‘cos of MP”. But hold on, can someone be ladylike when weeping? Please teach me how if it’s possible, ‘cos mine was just a sorry state).
Well, MP is doing well now and I’m praying to God that MP should help me go through this stage of my life till God brings the new one into my life, ‘cos I need MP more than ever, especially during this cold, freezing, snowy, unpredictable season of the year.
MP (the make and model of my car).

Lest I forget, HAPPY NEW MONTH and I believe every new month, week and day is the beginning of something new in our lives. I pray you’d have new and more reasons to be grateful to God this month. One of my reasons to be thankful this week are for people I’ve been blessed by, through the blogville community, for the friends I’ve made through this avenue (quite a reasonable bunch). I'm thankful to God for ALL of you, but for this week, I’m grateful to God for
Pastor Israel , Niyi (the commenter) and Believer. (I’m thankful for your time and your words).
Have a fulfilled and fulfilled week ahead.