Friday, June 29, 2007

The way i'm feeling

So it's been a week since i promised the gist on my friend and i. I'm sorry I can't put it up now, each time i try, all i do is think and think, and i must confess sometimes i cry.
God, can i ask you why it hurts so bad? can i ask why me? can i ask, if i deserved it? can i ask why now?
Nywayz, when i'm strong enough to put it up, i sure would, and trust me, we'ld all learn a thing or two from it. I do hope you all understand though.
.........................................................................................I feel like confessing right now.........
I don't know what my future holds anymore, but I confess i know Who designed my future.
I sometimes wonder what my life would be 5 years from now, 'cos deep within a whole lot goes
on, and truth is i can't speak of it, 'cos i feel i'm doubting God, But i confess i strongly believe in God and the power of His might.
I'm so very scared of what i don't know, but I confess i'm not scared of Who knows what i don't
I'm in a stage where i feel like my life is stagnant, but I confess i know the owner of my life isn't stagnant but at work.
I sit and talk to myself and tell myself, it seems you just listen to the word, but don't live by the
word, But i confess i need Dads' help ever more than ever.
I love to encourage people when they're down and discouraged, But i confess i'm in a phase where i want Dad to encourage me Himself.
I know the power of our thoughts, and words and i watch my words concerning me carefully, and i'm scared of my thoughts sometimes, But i confess i know the thoughts of God towards me are of good to bring me to an expected end.
I'm yearning and crying for joy to gush into my life without stop, But i confess i know God knows that.
I feel like the most ungrateful being on earth right now 'cos I have life, 'cos i'm in good health, 'cos i have a place to lay my head, 'cos i have food to eat, 'cos i have money to my name, 'cos i have a job, 'cos i have an education, 'cos i have a car, 'cos i have a family, 'cos i can see, think, walk and talk, and some are out there who don't have anything but are greatful for just the life they have, yet in all i'm here acting and thinking like i don't know what the Creator of the universe is capable of.
God, i'm so sorry for being ungrateful but DAD, I CAN'T HELP ME, I confess i need help to go thru this phase of my life.
Have a great and fufilled weekend everyone, and please don't be like me. Stop and look for something to thank God for, 'cos He sure deserves to be thanked anyway.

Friday, June 22, 2007

Minus a friend

Going thru a phase in my life now, where i feel most people have been before. Hurt by a friend. It's been such a low point in my life, and i feel like a fool. Imagine not speaking to someone you're used to speaking with every now and then. It sure feels awkard when i pick up my phone and see her name but can't dial her number. I'm really hurt, but i guess it's something i have to deal with the way i know best.
Going thru this phase, i've come to learn that irrespective of whatever happened and to whom it happened with, i have to forgive and forge ahead; but she's not making it any easier (Would talk about it in my next post).
I've come to learn that Forgiveness is Letting go of the hurt and pain, without any resentment and letting nature take its course in forgetting. I'm ready to move on, but i can't forget the whole situation just like that. I sincerely need God's help like right now. Have a great weekend everyone.

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Meme Stealing

I stole this from FG's page.......................

I am...: so blessed but i don't think i appreciate it enough
My ex-boyfriend was...: not bad
Maybe I should....: become an engineer
I love....: to drink garri alot
I don't understand....: why my friends are not closeby
I lost my....: camera at the airport
My current boyfriend is....: my fantasy
People say I'm...: too soft & weird
Love is....: powerful
Somewhere, someone is....: born & dead
I will always...: ............. i donnow
Forever is....: no end
I never want to...: die unfufilled
I think the current President is....: i honestly donnow
When I wake up in the morning, I....: look at my cell phone first.
Life is full of...: questions
My past is incredibly...: amusing
I get annoyed when...: people misunderstand me, and when things don't work out as i hope it should
Parties are for...: celebration
I wish...: all my dreams will come true now!
Tommorrow I'm going to...: finish up my laundry
I really want some....: level of fufillment in all areas of my life
I have low tolerance for people who....: are stingy & pretencious
If I had a million dollars...: i would honestly pay my tithe first,............... splurge a little, then buy myself a comfy pad.

These meme's sure does make one think .

Sunday, June 17, 2007

HaPpY FaThErS' DaY!

Happy Fathers' day to all the fathers, and fathers' to be. I pray that God grants you all the wisdom and strength to bring up your children in ways that would make you all proud, and i hope you all witness many more of this day with great health, and joy. HAPPY FATHERS' DAY

Friday, June 15, 2007

My puff puff.

Thank God it's friday. I wasn't able to post up anything yesterday 'cos yours' truly has been apartment hunting. My lease expires July 31st, and i can't seem to get anywhere nice enough(when i say nice enuff, i mean a comfortable and quiet area). I'm scared 'cos i have only four more months to stay in this school, and i'm done, but what if i'm not able to find anyone to sublease the place to when i'm leaving, what would i do? meaning i would have to pay the rent for a place i'm not going to be staying over at, and thats not wise enuff for my pocket. I've made all the possible calls i can, and i hope someone gives me a positive response when they call.
So i finally made my puff-puff yesterday, but wasn't able to put up the result of the experiment. It's an experiment 'cos this is my first time of trying it out. It turned out good for me, and tasted just like the ones i always had from the woman who sells it on Opebi roundabout. But i must confess hers' tastes way better than mine, i guess 'cos she's a pro already, but not too worry i'ld turn out better in my puff-puff making skills pretty soon, and would let you all know how it goes. Who knows, maybe this is the beginning of Rinsi's finger foods (first naija food mogul!), i sabi dream abi? don't laugh at me, 'cos u just never know. Nywayz,
Dscribe, this is the recipe and the how to
Vegetable Oil
Pour some flour and sugar into a bowl, mix with your hands till you get a smooth feel, then run lukewarm water from your faucet into a teacup or a smaller cup or bowl. Pour the yeast into the water and cover for five minutes. Pour the yeast into the flour and sugar and add some more water. Make sure the mixture isn't too thick or watery, it should be inbetween. Cover and store in a cool dry place preferably in the oven for two-three hours so it rises. Then heat up some vegetable oil, and squeeze out some of the flour mixture with your hands into the oil. You should check with a fork to see if it's ready, and if it is ready the fork should come out clean, and bam you have your puff-puff ready. I added some chicken wings, and buttermilk ranch to fill up the plate and make it look more welcoming. (Put in mind that different people make it in different ways and still come out with the same result). Okay peoples' thats about it for now, so make sure you all have a great weekend by making some puff puff.

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

I'm bored!

Have you ever been in a situation where all you just want to do is either lay in bed and sleep without any phone call, or disturbance of any sort? Well, that's how i felt towards the end of yesterday. I picked up a book to read, but all i did was stare at page 46 without flipping past the page, but think, think, think, and worry on what i sure could do nothing about. I ended up watching a couple of movies and thank God for Naija blogville, i felt much better after stopping by a couple of blogs, and that reminds me; I'm sooooooooooooooo loving blogidol, it's too early to say who my favourite blogidol is, but let's keep listening and voting. Wish all ye contestants the best, have fun singing and make sure you all sing your hearts out, okay? I owe the best blogidol my vote.
I'm on a mission to learn how to make meat-pies and puff puff, today would be for the puff puff and friday would be for the meatpie, so wish me luck. I pray it turns out well, it would cut costs if i ever have any hosting to do, or what do you all think? or am i being too Ijebuish? (You know it's needed sometimes) Okay peoples' take care of yourselves and have a great day.

Tuesday, June 12, 2007


For some reason i was able to remember that today makes it 14 years that the M.K.O PDP election results was/were annulled due to what only God knows. Flashback to that day; I was scared and i thot the gunshots were that from robbers. I remember i was home for the holidays, and was over at my aunt Dunni's house for her birthday party, and all we could hear then were gunshots, i remember vividly when my aunts' husband was no where to be found and i cant remember there been cell phones then, so there was no way she could get intouch with him. My aunt was scared stiff, and her eyes were red (still believed she was crying, but she said she didn't cry), only for her house help to say "Boda Akin lo gbe awon ara ibise won ni, won ni kin so fun yin, sugbon mo'n fo abo lowo ni" Transalation: "Brother Akin told me to tell you, but i forgot 'cos i was washing the dishes". So today is my aunt Dunni's birthday, i decided to send her a text message at exactly 12am and remind her about the happenings of 14 years ago. Thank God for sparing our lives, but fourteen years after, i look back at what Nigeria has been thru and what we've achieved as a nation, and all i can say is IT IS WELL, and I BELIEVE WE'LD GET THERE SOMEDAY.
So have you all seen this new show "Hells Kitchen"? So Eddie (the smallest of the guys) was eliminated yesterday, and to make matters worse, the Host of the show insulted him off the show, as if being challenged was not enough for him, i felt that was sooooo rude, and so uncalled for. Guess what? Yours truly started crying, Imagine! (I got so much tears to let go, abi?). I didn't think it was neccessary to be insulted that way, or am i being too senisitive or what? Maybe if you watched the show, you would understand better. Nywayz peoples' have a blessed day.

Monday, June 11, 2007

A day at a time

It's 15mins past the new day, and i'm still much awake. Funny thing is; i really want to get some sleep, but i've got a whole lot on my mind, but since i'm new to blogville, i'ld carefully climb those stairs, and live by the words that say "Slow and steady". I'ld be taking it a day at a time, and would let you all in to my daily lessons, which sure is part of my life. Have a great day y'all!

Sunday, June 10, 2007

The beginning

My first blog/post. Pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee show me some love and support. Have a great week people.