Friday, June 29, 2007

The way i'm feeling

So it's been a week since i promised the gist on my friend and i. I'm sorry I can't put it up now, each time i try, all i do is think and think, and i must confess sometimes i cry.
God, can i ask you why it hurts so bad? can i ask why me? can i ask, if i deserved it? can i ask why now?
Nywayz, when i'm strong enough to put it up, i sure would, and trust me, we'ld all learn a thing or two from it. I do hope you all understand though.
.........................................................................................I feel like confessing right now.........
I don't know what my future holds anymore, but I confess i know Who designed my future.
I sometimes wonder what my life would be 5 years from now, 'cos deep within a whole lot goes
on, and truth is i can't speak of it, 'cos i feel i'm doubting God, But i confess i strongly believe in God and the power of His might.
I'm so very scared of what i don't know, but I confess i'm not scared of Who knows what i don't
I'm in a stage where i feel like my life is stagnant, but I confess i know the owner of my life isn't stagnant but at work.
I sit and talk to myself and tell myself, it seems you just listen to the word, but don't live by the
word, But i confess i need Dads' help ever more than ever.
I love to encourage people when they're down and discouraged, But i confess i'm in a phase where i want Dad to encourage me Himself.
I know the power of our thoughts, and words and i watch my words concerning me carefully, and i'm scared of my thoughts sometimes, But i confess i know the thoughts of God towards me are of good to bring me to an expected end.
I'm yearning and crying for joy to gush into my life without stop, But i confess i know God knows that.
I feel like the most ungrateful being on earth right now 'cos I have life, 'cos i'm in good health, 'cos i have a place to lay my head, 'cos i have food to eat, 'cos i have money to my name, 'cos i have a job, 'cos i have an education, 'cos i have a car, 'cos i have a family, 'cos i can see, think, walk and talk, and some are out there who don't have anything but are greatful for just the life they have, yet in all i'm here acting and thinking like i don't know what the Creator of the universe is capable of.
God, i'm so sorry for being ungrateful but DAD, I CAN'T HELP ME, I confess i need help to go thru this phase of my life.
Have a great and fufilled weekend everyone, and please don't be like me. Stop and look for something to thank God for, 'cos He sure deserves to be thanked anyway.


Favoured Girl said...

Hey girl, just to let you know that I understand how you feel. Life gets like that sometimes, but you just have to remember that God's love towards you is unconditional. It doesn't depend on how you feel. He understands and He cares. When in doubt, think of His blessings thus far, and your trust will be renewed. Stay blessed and have a great weekend!

Anonymous said...

This is my first time here. i notice you have me on your blogroll.

Life is coloured and one thing we can do is to think someone else's life is better because it is a different colour.

Every STEP (and the STOPS too) of the righteous are ordered of God.

chidi said...

this is my first time on your blog...great post

Anonymous said...

dont feel bad about you and ur friend..pray to God!call her!

Ugo Daniels said...

Whatever happens, be strong, believe in yaself, the rest will fall in!

Rinsola said...

@FG thank u so much
@Chidi and Babseta, thanks for stopping by
@Pink Satin, i've called her o, and thanks
@Ugo thank you so much too

Allied said...

We all feel like this. You are right , it is only God that can help us.

I am still clinging to him.

yankeenaijachick said...

Girl, you are not alone. Sometimes, l talk to myself Just hold on, keep doing ur thingy and u would suceed and tell your story of progress later on. Much love.

Anonymous said...

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