Tuesday, July 3, 2007

His peace

His peace i call His love,
His peace makes the troubled hearts still,
His peace is when i look at the skies and see the clouds move slowly,
His peace is what i see in the morning as the sun rises,
His peace is when i look at the skies before bedtime, and see the sunset
His peace is the rainbow i see after the rain,
His peace is the warmth i feel around waterfalls.
Have you ever looked up at the skies when it thunders? Thats His peace i see
His peace is His word to me, either when i read it or speak it
His peace is stability and permanence
Can you Imagine God being anxious?
No, and thats 'cos His peace is not ruffled by dissappointment or tribulation.
Common, He's got the whole goverment upon His shoulders.......and ONLY peace can do that
And His peace which passeth ALL understanding, shall from this day forth rest upon Us.

Thank God for yet another new month. May God perfect everything that has got to do with us this month and time to come. Just wanted to say Happy new month to everyone who stops by. I personally ask God for His peace over every aspect of our lives.

Have a fufilled week everyone.


Ugo Daniels said...

And you too, have a lovely week!

Sisbee said...

Lovely post for the new month, Amen to peace this month, inner peace that surpasses all undersatnding is soooooooo sweet. Thanks for stopping by, I'll be checking out your blog.

Allied said...

And you have yourself a beautiful month.

Niyi said...

Hi Rinsola,
Just saw your blog for the first time (I know you mentioned having one at TERC).

I hope your weekend is going well. God bless.

Rodrigo said...

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Rinsola said...

@ all thanks, and hope the month is coming on well
@Sisbee thanks for stopping by
@Niyi, thanks for stopping by and yeah my weekend was fun.

yankeenaijachick said...

Isn't that sweet.............may God perfect his wonders in our life this new month. Amen. Girl, much love to you too. Stay blessed.

Nadine said...


temmy tayo said...

Lovely lovely post. It got me really thinking. Thanks for stopping by my blog.

Smoothvibes said...

hmmmm. Beautiful post!

God's peace is sure does passeth ALL understanding.

Happy new month to you too!