Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Last day of the month

Waoh, seemed like i said happy new month yesterday before i went to bed, and waking up to the last day of the month today. Thank God i'm alive today and in good health, and yeah i had His peace this month.
So i spent the better part of yesterday moving out of my apartment. When i was done, i looked at my wristwatch and it was 1:06am. Are u serious? so i spent 7hours moving? okay, my friends were around to help me move, so it wasn't moving alone we did during those 7hours. Funny thing is i'm having an exam tomorrow; so why are you blogging, is that the question? Well, i'v been studying all day, and needed a break so i decided to post up something, and after this i'm off to take a nap.
Nywayz, this is the last day of the month of july, and in a couple of hours it would be the month of August. Yet another new month, and also the month i was born; precisely the 7th day of the eighth month. And we all know 7 is a unique and special number right? So it's going to be a countdown to my birthday with thanks to God for all He's ever been to me, and all He's ever done in my life. Hope you join me in saying Thank God for yet another life been spared. Have a great day, and should i say have a fufilled rest of the month? Take care everyone.

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Maka why??????????

This is not funny, next thing you know the negative attention on Nigerians would be overly exaggerated. Read this developing story on yahoo news this morning, and it's getting to be the talk of the town now. Got to class this morning and my professor starts a topic with it. I kept quiet 'cos ko ti e funny at all. Imagine, depositing $50,000 in his paypal account within 7 days or else another massacre of innocent lives? Why is a 22 year old student asking for $50,000 in his paypal account? Is the money from his parents (dats if they'r siphoning money o), or what deal did he strike to require that much money? or was it for his tution, or is it pharmaceutical money (u know what i mean by pharmaceutical money,right?), or did he sell his fathers' house and wants part of the money, or is it.................................... i donno, all these questions play is my head (What's my business sef? i honestly donno). But this news sent chills down my spine. Why must people either threaten evil or be copycats of evil? I'm having a playback of the Virginatech massacre in my head, and i remember not checking my mails directly thru yahoo, 'cos the homepage had this angry killers' face on it, or am i the only one who thought that guys' look was quite scary?!!!!!!.
Nywayz, not happy this person turned out to be a Nigerian, but happy he was arrested before his deed would have been done.

Friday, July 20, 2007

And it poured

.................... So it's been a while, since i last updated. Nywayz, it's been drizzling, raining and pouring at my end for the past three days, but in a weird way. This minute the sun is really out and it's so hot, next minute it starts raining heavily from nowhere, next second it stops abruptly, and next second the sun is shinning (In Nigeria, i remember being told when it drizzles or rains and the sun is out and a cub is being born.... who would ever know if it's true or not?). Nywayz, 'cos of the temperature down here, you just have to wind down your window a little, to let in some air. So yours' truly did just that, and after getting busy with stuffs in the kitchen, i totally forgot to check what was going on with the weather, and slept off till the next day. Getting all into my conversation on the phone, i stepped out for a ride, only for me to sit down in the car and my butt was wet. WHAT??????????, as it was dawning on me that the rain got into my car, i started sniffing around like a dog (seems like my sense of smell wasn't so effective that minute, as in i would have smelt that before i sat down, right?).
So, the driver and the front passengers seat was officially soaked for the day. How about going back in to change pants and get two bath towels to place on the sit 'cos my day must go on, right?. So after thinking if to or if not to, i was left with no choice than to wind up when i got to my destination. An hour 15minutes when i got back into the car, i had to take off my glasses 'cos i had steam all over the lens, as in was my car quietly on fire or what? maybe if i wore contacts that day it would have melted sef, not exaggerating but it was steamy and hot in there, and i was scared for like 2minutes, till i found out that everything was in check. The steam was due to the high temperature outside, and wet car seat. But thank God i was able to fix the problem. So me butt is back on me sit, and me car is back on the road. No smell, and no steam!................I hope you all have a great weekend free of wet smell (is there anything called wet smell? nywayz, it's all 'bout the idea). Take care everyone.

Tuesday, July 3, 2007

His peace

His peace i call His love,
His peace makes the troubled hearts still,
His peace is when i look at the skies and see the clouds move slowly,
His peace is what i see in the morning as the sun rises,
His peace is when i look at the skies before bedtime, and see the sunset
His peace is the rainbow i see after the rain,
His peace is the warmth i feel around waterfalls.
Have you ever looked up at the skies when it thunders? Thats His peace i see
His peace is His word to me, either when i read it or speak it
His peace is stability and permanence
Can you Imagine God being anxious?
No, and thats 'cos His peace is not ruffled by dissappointment or tribulation.
Common, He's got the whole goverment upon His shoulders.......and ONLY peace can do that
And His peace which passeth ALL understanding, shall from this day forth rest upon Us.

Thank God for yet another new month. May God perfect everything that has got to do with us this month and time to come. Just wanted to say Happy new month to everyone who stops by. I personally ask God for His peace over every aspect of our lives.

Have a fufilled week everyone.