Friday, July 20, 2007

And it poured

.................... So it's been a while, since i last updated. Nywayz, it's been drizzling, raining and pouring at my end for the past three days, but in a weird way. This minute the sun is really out and it's so hot, next minute it starts raining heavily from nowhere, next second it stops abruptly, and next second the sun is shinning (In Nigeria, i remember being told when it drizzles or rains and the sun is out and a cub is being born.... who would ever know if it's true or not?). Nywayz, 'cos of the temperature down here, you just have to wind down your window a little, to let in some air. So yours' truly did just that, and after getting busy with stuffs in the kitchen, i totally forgot to check what was going on with the weather, and slept off till the next day. Getting all into my conversation on the phone, i stepped out for a ride, only for me to sit down in the car and my butt was wet. WHAT??????????, as it was dawning on me that the rain got into my car, i started sniffing around like a dog (seems like my sense of smell wasn't so effective that minute, as in i would have smelt that before i sat down, right?).
So, the driver and the front passengers seat was officially soaked for the day. How about going back in to change pants and get two bath towels to place on the sit 'cos my day must go on, right?. So after thinking if to or if not to, i was left with no choice than to wind up when i got to my destination. An hour 15minutes when i got back into the car, i had to take off my glasses 'cos i had steam all over the lens, as in was my car quietly on fire or what? maybe if i wore contacts that day it would have melted sef, not exaggerating but it was steamy and hot in there, and i was scared for like 2minutes, till i found out that everything was in check. The steam was due to the high temperature outside, and wet car seat. But thank God i was able to fix the problem. So me butt is back on me sit, and me car is back on the road. No smell, and no steam!................I hope you all have a great weekend free of wet smell (is there anything called wet smell? nywayz, it's all 'bout the idea). Take care everyone.


Smoothvibes said...

lawl.. sorry I had to!..

If you live @ my side of town.. You'll know to always wind up, or your car might get "stolen"!

Good thing your car is fixed though.

Smoothvibes said...

ps: I tried the puff puff... Your recipe was on point!... Except My dumbass didn't realise I had to deepfry :) ( my mom pointed that out to me after I fried everything and they were half done)

Ne more recipes?

fashola said...

eh ya pele o. lol at your contacts melting if you had worn them, but thank God your car has been fixed.

Anonymous said...

phew! nothing worse than car troubles... especially when you're out there in the boondocks like you are. lol
hope classes are good... :)

Favoured Girl said...

The weather has been funny like that too over here. It just hasn't made up its mind, meanwhile there are floods in many parts of the country. Glad you sorted your car out though!

Rinsola said...

@smoothvibes, well done o, keep laffing. U should have sent me some puff-puff.
@Fahola thanks
@Belle, yeap car troubles out here is no joke. and thanks classes are coming on well.
@FG, thanks missy.

Anonymous said...