Monday, April 19, 2010

Just a random post.

Hello people, how're you all doing and howz your week coming? Rinsola feels like typing a random post............

The fact that Rinsola is still alive today, means He ain't done with her yet, right?. Lord please fulfill your purpose for my life in Jesus name (Amen).

I've been uttering this statement for days now; "I desire to have a round table discussion with Jehoshaphat and Moses". Well, i desire to converse with other great men of God in the Bible, but right now, my questions are sorely for Uncle Jehoshaphat and Uncle Moses. You may have an idea of what my questions may sound like and why, when you read 2nd Chronicles and Exodus. I'm wondering what God is saying now and what He'ld do about that (ka si ma wo naa.....let's keep watching). So who would you like to have a round table discussion with?

My flesh didn't like it yesterday when i was reminded that it's not everytime God will speak to one. I'm wondering where the Holy Spirit will be then, and what He will be doing? (Comforting me, abi?)

God is so limited by His words. (yes o, limited) this makes me so happy that He and no man is indeed God.

Imagine how a stuffy nose & restless night made me appreciate the great health i didn't think i had hours' before the restless night. Father thank You so much for perfect health and a sane Spirit.

To grow spiritually, we have to work hard at it, we have to be DILLIGENT and we have to be FOCUSED. It isn't magic, spiritual maturity has no short cut to it, it is HARD WORK. 2nd Timothy 2 vs 1- 16.

This was my prayer request to God January 4th 2010 and i'm happy to say it has also been my testimony so far. " Lord, may i never be able to praise you enough". Amen!

I guess that's as random as i can get for now. Take care, have a great rest of the day and try thanking God for something today.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Getting busy

Hello everyone. how're we all doing and howz your week coming? Mine has been quite busy, but thank God it's coming on well.

So this week, i heard a message and a scripture, and the emphasis was on Ecclesiastes 9 vs 10 "Whatever your hands finds to do, do it with your might; for there is no work or device or knowledge or wisdom in the grave where you are going." So i've been putting the works of my hands to use. Can you all remember when i said i would have to learn how to sow, 'cos of the whole shakara and stress of getting a tailor and the amount involved? Well, yours' truly has started and has even sown two dresses gan sef, (So why're u all laughing within?). Nywayz, i'ld be back with pictures. To add to it, i started perfecting my baking skills during my runaway period.
I have to go now so i can finish working on my third But seriously let's meditate on that scripture Ecclesiastes 9 vs 10.
Take care of yourselves, have a great rest of the day and remember "whatever your hands finds to do, DO IT WITH YOUR MIGHT!".

Friday, April 9, 2010

Hello........ It's me Rinsola.

HAPPY NEW YEAR, HAPPY NEW MONTH, Happy everythingggggggggggggg................................. I guess this is me saying "I'm BACKKKKKKK". I guess i have to re-introduce myself again.

Well, my name is 'RINSOLA, the RUNAWAY blogger. I will explain the reason for the silence bit by bit. Phewwwwwwwwww............ I feel a little weird.
Nywayz...... Jaycee & Writefreak, i told ya..... lol. I'ld be back in a couple of hours.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Waiting isn't easy at aaaaaaaaaall..............

Lord, i feel so BLANK right now. I hear a voice saying to me "Wait on me", but i'm replying that voice saying, 'Lord, if this is you, how long will i wait, how long Lord?'.
Right now, I honestly feel so pained, i feel so tired, i feel so angry, Lord i honestly can't express my feelings in a word, but i know You know exactly how i feel.
I honestly desperately need You more than ever, i really need You to help me wait on You. I am helpless right now.
Happy new month people, hope you're all doing great? Hope to be back soon, as in sooooon . (lol).

Sunday, April 26, 2009


She called your name, and said it was you. "Oh my God!", i was shocked, but not as shocked as when i heard the door was shut behind the most important people in your life. I just heard you say "Sister Bisoye, e de jo e fi mi si le" I remember those words like you spoke it few seconds ago. I knew you, but not as your friends did. I can remember you to be the tiny voiced soft spoken being, but was life that soft spoken to you?
I knew you had dreams and aspirations in life just like we all do. You dreamt your dreams, and it began to unfold before your face, along with it's fufillment it came handy with smiles to the face of your family,and as an accomplishment to your patner. No the dreams weren't done yet. You had yet another dream, a great one, to bring forth the love of your husband and you. Lo, this precious one came to life thru your nuture, and sure bore you tremendous happiness. But you couldn't play with and hold this child. But you still had dreams Another dream accomplished, yet another one to achieve. But No!, pain just wouldn't allow, not even the confusion on the faces of the doctors would allow this dream. You fought hard just to achieve the next dream, you fought with love around you, you fought with hope, strength, unmountable faith, most importantly with the eyes of your little one all in your thoughts, you fought with tears, and i bet you fought with all you ever had.
One more chance, or just more time was all you needed. Time just to hold your husband and child and tell them you love them even as that door shuts on them. Time, just to tell your family that you appreciated every sacrifice and love they extended towards you. Time just to say to friends, thank you for being there amongst all. Time to put certain things into place before you leave.
He said no to all the time you wanted, He said your fight was over, He said the pain was enough, He said you may never understand now but He said there's a time for everything. He said it was your time. You, your husband, your family, your friends, and I all have questions as to WHY? Why you? Why now? Why this way? Why so soon? Why your husband? Why your child? Why your family? Why allow all these dreams and then say it was time? WHY? Why allow death the triumph? No, it wasn't the triumph of death, It was the say of God. He has designated a time to and for everything.
Because i know your God is watching over your child and husband, and for the fact that I KNOW WITHOUT A DOUBT that HE NEVER sleeps neither does He slumber.

Monday, December 1, 2008


I believe in God………………………………………..
I believe in God because of His daily gift of free life and great health for as long as I can remember. Why won’t I believe in God when He shows Himself to me in dreams, in an entirely different, unique and awesome dimension.
I believe in God because just as His words are in the Bible, so is He. He said others will forsake me but He WILL NEVER FORSAKE ME! He has been THERE for me, more than I can EVER imagine.
I believe in God because just when I looked at those bills and calculated them, I knew without a doubt that I could not pay those bills, but just as I was about giving up all hope. He came through for me exactly when I needed it most, and without any begging from anyone, I can boast of having a great provider and sustainer. Why won't i believe in the God who spoke to me that day, that i didn't have to have a job to pay my bills (i sure doubted Him) But again, He's not a man that should lie, and He has shocked me through 16months of joblessness, paying all my bills, feeding me, clothing me, fixing my car, buying gas in my car, and still able to remind me that He stand by His words "I shall not lack anything good, or beg before i eat"
I believe in God because He has never stopped defining His names to me in many ways.
I believe in God because, Just as I was trying to cheat my way through ‘and help someone out during an exam in my last semester in college, in a hall of 120 students, My professor walked towards me and asked for my calculator and all eyes were on me, but few seconds before I handed it over to him, I asked God “Please forgive me and cover my shame”. He DID JUST THAT ; My professor came towards me and saw nothing on my calculator, but the moment he left, I looked at the calculator and saw what my professor didn’t see that would have kept me in trouble. I honestly can’t explain that, but He had mercy on me and lifted my head up.
I believe in God, because He has proved HIMSELF as GOD OVER AND OVER AGAIN.
I believe in God, because of how He ALWAYS comes through for me. (Please whenever I start sounding ungrateful, remind me of His faithfulness).
I believe in God, because I gave up on believing in Him, so many times and in so many ways, but not for a second has He ever given up on me or let me down.
I believe in God because when I’m down and loosing hope, He ALWAYS comes as a still small voice to remind me that He’s more than able, and becomes that peace that sends me worryfree to bed.

I believe in God because, whether i accept it or not I am a testimony of His great deeds.
I believe in God because He’s made me a believer of ALL OF WHO HE SAID HE IS.: THE GOD OF ALL POSSIBILITIES!


Monday, September 22, 2008

Been a while and Happy birthday to................'s been a while since i typed up a post. Getting bored of blogging? sure not. May God save me from procrastination and lack of time management.To all of you who checked on me, encouraged me, made me laugh and prayed for me; I'm saying THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH and i really do appreciate each and everyone of you. One of the reasons i'm putting up a post today is because of two of you. Believer and Nyemoni (i'm jealous they're birthday mates).Believer, i'm thankful to God for making you see today and for how far He has brought you and for where He's taking you to. I'm thankful to God for His faithfulness in your life, for what He has taught you and what He's teaching you. For those He has made their paths cross with yours', for how He has used you to bless, encourage and teach people.May the best friend ever (God) continually surprise you, may His blessings over your life never cease, may you continually bring Glory and praise to His name. In every area of your life may unexplainable and undeniable favour continually be your testimony. I also pray for your relationship with God, it will always be that of better to best. You always remind me of how important realizing and fulfilling purpose is and i pray that you will fulfill your purpose here on earth.Happy birthday and i want you to know i am thankful to God for being able to call you more than a sister, a FRIEND! Have a great and funfilled day. Love you much.