Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Getting busy

Hello everyone. how're we all doing and howz your week coming? Mine has been quite busy, but thank God it's coming on well.

So this week, i heard a message and a scripture, and the emphasis was on Ecclesiastes 9 vs 10 "Whatever your hands finds to do, do it with your might; for there is no work or device or knowledge or wisdom in the grave where you are going." So i've been putting the works of my hands to use. Can you all remember when i said i would have to learn how to sow, 'cos of the whole shakara and stress of getting a tailor and the amount involved? Well, yours' truly has started and has even sown two dresses gan sef, (So why're u all laughing within?). Nywayz, i'ld be back with pictures. To add to it, i started perfecting my baking skills during my runaway period.
I have to go now so i can finish working on my third But seriously let's meditate on that scripture Ecclesiastes 9 vs 10.
Take care of yourselves, have a great rest of the day and remember "whatever your hands finds to do, DO IT WITH YOUR MIGHT!".


Jaycee said...

I may just be ordering a dress soon. Yay! Photos please...:)

aloted said...

u go girl!

yes waiting for the pictures :)

Believer said...

Welcome back, maybe you should take over my blog as well :)! Well done, honey, you know you are a woman of many talents. Have a blessed week

Rinsola said...

@Jaycee, I'm waiting for ur order.
@Aloted, how u dey now, Thanks o jare, pictures are coming.
@Believer, ese pupo u make me head swell... lol. If i take over your blog, that message that needs to be spoken thru you, may never be read u know?