Sunday, August 26, 2007

I am His Product

NET WT. in the hundreds

Product of: The Most High

Batch no: B L E S S E D & H I G H L Y F A V O U R E D

Hardware: Basic Input Output Physical System, Power Supply (Holy Spirit)

Software: UBOS 2007 (Updated Biblical Operating System), STHB 2007 (Salvation Thru His Blood), SOD 2007 (Spirit of Discernment)

His love, His Grace, His will, Hope and Faith

Possible Virus: The devil

Programmed for: VICTORY, SIGNS & WONDERS ! (Romans 8 vs 28-29, Genesis 1 vs 26-27)

Manufacturing Date: 08/07 (Jeremiah 1 vs 5-10)

Expiration date: Till her destiny is fufilled

Location: In the Apple of God's Eye (Psalms 17 v 8)

Precautions: Keep away from any appearance of the virus, DO NOT let the past contaminate
your software. (Ist Thessalonians 5 v 22)

If Product encounters any problem: accept thy fault, ask for forgiveness, wash with His blood, retrack your steps & move on and ahead. (Leviticus 22 vs 40-42, 2nd Chronicles 7 vs 14)

Worth or Value: Cannot be bought, jewel of inestimable value (John 3 vs 16-17)

Directions: Ask before use, Do not REPROGRAM (James 1 vs 2-8)

Questions: call 1-800-THE-BIBLE (2nd Timothy 2 vs 15)

Distributed by: The Potters' Hand, Heaven. (John 14 vs 6,

In our daily doings, let us try remembering that we are all products of His aweosme and amazing work. Imagine when you either create something or discover something, how would you guard it? jealously of course, and what would you do to protect yourwork or discovery? I bet you would do all you can. This is what gets me going when i think about how much God cares for me, and what He would do not to loose me. I'm just one amongst an uncountable and He's this crazy, and jealous about me? Me, Rinsola Me? I learnt over this past weekend that " I am the product of His AMAZING HANDWORK" and i decided i had to share this with you all (i know some of you know these, but try dwelling upon it) See yourselves as His priceless product.

One of the many questions i ponder on: " I somehow feel He's not done with me yet, But what would be of me when i feel He's done with me?" (God help me hold on to Him every step of the way).

I'm back to school, and i'm praying this would be a great semester, one to always remember. To all those who are back to school, I wish you all the BEST God has to offer. As David excelled over his contemporaries, may we all excell in everything positive we lay our hands upon. HAPPY FALL SEMESTER!

May our software not be crashed by the devil (Impossible thru God). Have a great, funfilled and fufilled week.

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

!!! The Complete Bible Experience !!!

Isn't this so amazing? I'm really impressed with the whole performance, but Blair Underwoods' performance was WAOH!. And how do you love Denzel and Pauletta's version of "Songs of Solomon"? The overall 10:48mins performance would leave you speechless, how much more when u watch the whole video, and see Pastor Paul leading the cast..... Interesting. I ordered my copy already. Enjoy

Sunday, August 12, 2007


To all those who stopped by for the parrie, THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH! Really do appreciate it. Hope you all left having enuff to eat? To those who didn't meet the garri cake, i promise to make yours' special and send it to you. Really do appreciate the prayers also, and wish you all the same and the best.

Before my next post, i just wanted to wish you all One of the BEST WEEK ever! Anticipate BIG, Prepare BIG, Trust BIG and expect BIG!. Please do Take care and Take Charge!

Have a funfilled and fufilled week everyone!

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

It's my birthday!

Jellorf Ryce
Mai Cake (The candles tell u my age)


The fruit tray
Something with salmon that i do not know what it is, but tatste great

This is my self made garri cake.
I made it for the likes of Yankee naija babe
I needed to add g-nuts to complete it
Below is moi, when i was i donno how old! Kweet moi!


Where would i be without Your love, what would be left of me without You?
Without You in my life i can't fathom who i would be.
From birth to date, You've seen my deeds and known my deepest of thoughts.
I am worthless without You, and doomed if i never knew You.
You've been there from the days of plenty to the days of nothing.
You've always proved Yourself God, even when i doubted You.
Am i worth Your grace, am i worth Your mercy, am i worth Your love?
Do i deserve the best things of life? Do i deserve to be called Your child?
To all these i answer No.
But You told me, You would never give up on me, You told me 'cos of Your blood I AM WORTH EVERYTHING!
When i lost it, You were there. You ran to me before i took a step
You held me close, and all i heard was "I STILL LOVE YOU"
My tears You wiped, My heart You healed
My needs You met, My brain You touched
My sins You forgave, My joy You restored
Where can i hide from presence?
What can i do without You?
You've never failed in teaching me Your prospects
You've never failed at being my ever present friend
You never failed in blessing me
You pampered me with Your favour, even when i didn't deserve it
With me You defied all odds.
I couldn't , but with You i did
I can never repay You, not even for a second of my breath
I shall never know why You love me, I shall never know why chose me
But one thing i would always know and live to tell about is "YOUR UNCONDITIONAL LOVE"
Thank You is never enough, My thanks to You would never do. But Dad I JUST WANT TO SAY THANK YOU!
Thank You for me, Thank You for my future, Thank You for my destiny, Thank You for Your calling over my life, Thank You for yet another day, month, year, and another chance. Thank You for restoration. Thank You for never letting go of me, Thank You for today, the day You chose to bring me to earth. THANK YOU!

I need to get some sleep, would start serving the food when the parrie starts, Remember it starts 4pm prompt! Holla back for some tantalizing, mouthwatering, and salivating delicacy. Make sure u have some garri cake b4 u leave. You want to know how old i am? make sure u'r back to find out! Take care and Happy Birthday to moi!

Monday, August 6, 2007

1 more day to my birthday!

My mother was counting days, and she felt it was time for me to be born but i was not out yet and she was getting scared. It's past 9 months and i'm still not born yet, she's not feeling any pain whatsoever, she's not in labour, and as a matter of fact, she can't feel me move (Is she dead or is it the fear that makes her feel this way?).
She called dad and told him, but he felt everything was fine, but what does dad know? She wasn't going to trust dad this time around, but she needed him to take her to the hospital. Dr Gbadebo checked her and everything was fine, but he had no answer as to why i wasn't here yet. Mum couldn't trust anyone anymore, and she had to make the decision without dad's opinion this time. Dad could understand 'cos he had come to realize that a mothers' instinct was quite important. He wouldnt make the decision, he woulnd't convince her and he wouldn't sign anything. All he would do is make mum know that he wasn't going anywhere and would be there with her till the did has been done.
So the decision was after 4hours, if nothing happens, and she still feels no movement, then she would be wheeled to the operating room. She was in tears, and told Dr Gbadebo she was not willing to take chances, though i wasn't her first child. I guess Dr Gbadebo didn't see a need, especially when Dad wasn't also in the decision making process. Or did dad feed mum with some concotions ni? wasn't i supposed to be born? was i a mistake? Why won't Dad make a decision about me?
Exactly 27minutes after mum was told she would be wheeled to the operating room, her water broke. Okay things look good now, she could now smile, dad was getting excited, but then she started screaming. She was in labour, and they coulnd't be specific on how many hours exactly that the labour was, but i was completely brought forth to earth tomorrow at about 3:19pm.
I am born for a reason, a mission, an assignment, a purpose and i have no choice whatsoever than to fufill that which i've been sent forth to do on earth.
I know i am one of the many changes our world would need, one of those who would impact our generation greatly. (positively).
I am special, peculiar, unique, different and blessed irrespective of how long i was in the womb.
I have lived and i'm living to become a story of His glory
I've been called His own, His chosen, and His child. I am named ADE-RIN-SI OLA not coincidentally or by mistake. I have walked into His wealth, the wealth of His love, His peace, His grace, His mercy, His kindess, and His provision.
I have questioned many things that has happened to me, and why it happened, and i sometimes get answers. But one thing i don't ever think i may fully understand is WHY HE CHOOSE TO LOVE ME?
Have a great week everyone, and stop by tomorrow for some refreshment. THE PARRIE IS HIA! I promise to quench ur thirst and hunger.

Sunday, August 5, 2007

2 more days to my birthday!

waoh! am i excited, am i scared, nervous, anxious or what? Honestly i really donno how i feel right now, but i sure am not sad, so thats much better.
So today was thanksgiving day at Church. Rinsola sure had much to be thankful to God for, so she buttered the thanksgiving with some serious komole (diggit down). Nywayz, the countdown continues.......Hope you all had a great weekend? take care of yourselves and wish you all, one of the best week ahead.

Saturday, August 4, 2007

3 more days to my birthday!

Forgiveness and I'm sorry:

Does forgiveness have to do with people you're not cool with or your friends, or only those who hurt you? (does it make sense?)
Do you say i'm sorry 'cos you mean it, or just to fufill all righteousness?
Does forgiveness come alone, or with I'm sorry?
Do i have to let you know i've forgiven you if you hurt me?
What if i choose to forgive you when i'm no more hurt?
What if my i'm sorry comes only when i'm convinced i was wrong?
What if i don't forgive those who offend me?
What if i choose not to say I'm sorry?
Why is it dificult to forgive and say I'm sorry?

.....................................I have all these questions on my mind..................................................................
Have a great weekend.

3 more days to my birthday!

Friday, August 3, 2007

4 more days to my birthday!

My Conversation with Dad

Dad: Hold up, what did you just call me?
Rinsola: I called you Dad!
Dad: What happened to the most loving Dad you've ever known? what happend to the ALL KNOWING, ALL PROVIDING DAD? how about the unjudging God? how about calling me all the names you've ever known me to be? I don't mind you saying, jealous Dad, 'cos yes I am, I'm jealous and crazy about you. Girl you still don't know how much I love you, and you can never know how much i love you, and you think you are blessed? Love, you havent seen nothing yet, I'm just getting started with you and you see, the devil is going crazy with anger over how much I'm blessing you, and how much I'm loving you irrespective of the faults he brings before me about you. But do you think i care about those faults? moreso after you've asked me The all forgiving Father to forgive you. Seems he tends to forget that the blood I shed isn't dry yet and can never be dry, seem he's forgotten of what wonders my Blood does. Well, you can't blame him, isn't he known to be the spirit of forgetfulness himself?
Dad: So how about whats going on in ur life right now?
Rinsola: Well, All knowing Dad, you know i'm doing well, but can do better .
Dad: Aren't you going to expantiate on w'sup?
Rinsola: But Dad you know it all....,
Dad: But dear i want to hear you talk. I'm a listener you know?
Rinsola: But Dad i don't want to be ungrateful or start ranting.
Dad: And have i ever judged you on that? I love you and who you are, i made you, but not with the ranting, i made perfection, have you forgotten I'm called the Master Potter? Waoh, you need to see the joy on my face when i was making you.
Rinsola: But Dad, i appreicate You, but please why didn't you bless me with lovely curly hair so i don't have to spend time and money on braids all the time? Why didn't you put the spot on my neck, on my cheek? and could You please make me 20lbs lighter? just like Lolas'.
Dad: (With a smile on his face)......... Do you know I made just one Lola, same way i made just one Rinsola, i never made two of you, and there can never be two of you. I made you Rinsola the way you are without a mistake, i wasn't sleeping when i was making you, nether was i not with thought. Just like you all kid when you see my products "God created this one on a sunday, Olorun fara bale da eleyi) I took my time in creating you.
Rinsola: Ok....(with doubt in her mind). Okay Dad, im sorry for complaining, and i would begin to dwell on that. But dad do you know i would be a graduate soon ? and i don't know what my next step would be career wise, i thought i knew but now i don't have an idea.
Dad: I told you to always ask, and seek me when you want to know what next, i told you a while ago, i'm the ALL knowing, right? I comprehend your path, and your lying down, remember?

Rinsola: Yes I do.
Dad: Before I formed you, I knew you. Because you have me, you are a majority and your future is secured. Remember what I'm called during this time? Jehovah Jireh. With me, you are destined for success and Victory. One thing i have never promised you, is a smooth road, free of challenges. I promised you a destination and I promised to be Jehovah Shamah during those alone time, I am your ever present help when you call on me. You have a destination in this journey thru life, you would smile, but along the road, you would be challenged, I would never allow you more than you can ever bear. Remember I am Grace? Then i am sufficient for you; I am El-Shaddai.
Rinsola: Okay Dad, why havent i achieved certain things i should have achieved at my age? I planned that at a certain age i would be married and at a certain age, i would have attained my medical degree.
Dad: (The look on His face was questionable) Do you know tomorrow? or better still do you know what would happen the next second? Rinsola love, I need an answer.
Rinsola: No Dad.
Dad: EXACTLY and That 's 'cos you'r not Me, and remember YOU CAN NEVER BE ME! 'cos I AM GOD! Ehyeh asher ehyeh; The I AM THAT I AM, THE FIRST AND THE LAST, THE CREATOR of the Creation, The one who knows the deeepest thought of man. ADE-Rin-si- Ola MI ? I have called you by My name, you are My own, but i want you to know that the manifestation of the word is for an appointed time. How about delighting in my words than my name? I am not a liar, have I spoken and it did not come to pass? My love, ears have not heard what i would do neither have eyes seen it. I am indeed God, without a doubt. I am ABLE, exceedingly ABLE to do much more than you would ever imagine. I am AWESOME!
Rinsola: (Waoh...... would this be pride, the way He's chanting about Himself....)
Dad: (With a smile, He said to me) Rinsola, you know i heard what you just said?
Rinsola: But Dad, i didn't say it out.
Dad: I know the heart of men, and his thoughts i know also. I have created you to inhabit your praise. I take pride in looking at you all and knowing No one can do better, and That's why you call me AWESOME!
Rinsola: (Always speechless before Him)...........
Dad: So any more gist you want to give me?
Rinsola: Nah, i don't think so. They're so vital, You could be less bothered, since You have a whole lot of issue to take control of.
Dad: smiling and saying.... I'm all ears, and still waiting.........
Rinsola: I'm going to be making some yam porridge this afternoon, and i'm concerned it may not turn out nice
Dad: Okay, call me when you'r ready to cook, and let's do it together.
Rinsola: For REAL?Waoh, thats so awesome......................! A knock on the door distracts my attention, but i shall be back to continue my gist with Him.
Try a Father -Child relationship with Him today. I know of a fact that, He's the coolest of Dads, Best of all friends. I'm proud to say, i have the audacity to talk to an Awesome one as a friend, and without holding back. I love my relationship with Him, and i even ask Him W'SUP? Can you imagine that?
Have a funfilled and fufilled weekend everyone. The countdown continues..................

Thursday, August 2, 2007

5 more days to my birthday

What if i say i had stuffs in mind to write today, but can't put it down right now 'cos i need to catch some sleep. But i would say, Thank God for yet another day. Have a great day everyone! Hope to get back with something better tomorrow.

Wednesday, August 1, 2007

6 days to my birthday

"But by the grace of God I am what I am, and His grace toward me was not in vain......." Ist corinthians 15 vs 10.
"... I will have mercy on whom I will have mercy, and I will have compassion on whom I will have compassion." Exodus 33 vs 19.

Happy new month everyone, and Thank God for seeing yet another new month in great health and a sound state of mind.
Six more days to the day i would be born. I can't begin to imagine how my mum felt when she was pregnant with me.
I'm thankful to God for yet another new day, which starts as a new month, a month when i was born. There are many things i truly can't remember to be thankful to God for, but one thing i thank Him for everyday of my life is for being so merciful towards me. I say it day after day, i won't be alive today if not for the grace of God (Sure the same applies to everyone). I'm not one of those who have their christain life at a report card of satisfactory or excellent, so imagine where my christain life would be. I have disobeyed Him countless times, i have been so wrong many times, but He never ceased to have mercy on me, my case with God is like the jury reading out the verdict to God:
God: (Asking Jesus) How does your client plead?
Jesus: Your Honour, my client has confessed of her sins, and pleads guilty to you.
God: No recess, the case continues........ Has the jury come to a conclusion?
Jury: Yes Your Honour.
God: Read out the verdict.
Jury: "We the jury, find the defendant; Rinsola guilty of the white and black lies, guilty of disobedience. guilty of not paying her tithes, guilty of being ungrateful, guilty of being guilty.
God: I appreciate your time and dedication in looking for all her faults, and for finding her guilty, But I the Judge would have mercy on whom I will have mercy on, and compassion on whom I will have compassion on, and Rinsola you are hereby sentenced to My grace and mercy. I would not want to see you here again, but never fail to remember that my grace is sufficient for you.
Rinsola: DUMBFOUNDED! Are You saying You are letting me go just like that?
Jesus: He's the Judge remember? His word seals it all. But remember that Prov 28:13 (NIV) He who conceals his sins does not prosper, but whoever confesses and renounces them finds mercy.
I'm not encouraging us to keep doing the wrong things all the time and asking God for His mercy, but i want us to realize that, while we are yet on this earth, sin sure would be lurking around. Romans 3 vs 10 & 23....... Meaning we all cannot live up to God's perfect way But we would have to deal with God's discipline for messing up.
Rinsola is a testimony of God's never ending grace and mercy. His grace is unlimited and forever, But His mercy is vast, yet limited.
I'm thankful to God today for His grace and mercy, and i desire and pray that it's not exhausted over my life. I hope you all experience His mercy and grace in your lives. HAPPY NEW MONTH EVERYONE!