Friday, August 3, 2007

4 more days to my birthday!

My Conversation with Dad

Dad: Hold up, what did you just call me?
Rinsola: I called you Dad!
Dad: What happened to the most loving Dad you've ever known? what happend to the ALL KNOWING, ALL PROVIDING DAD? how about the unjudging God? how about calling me all the names you've ever known me to be? I don't mind you saying, jealous Dad, 'cos yes I am, I'm jealous and crazy about you. Girl you still don't know how much I love you, and you can never know how much i love you, and you think you are blessed? Love, you havent seen nothing yet, I'm just getting started with you and you see, the devil is going crazy with anger over how much I'm blessing you, and how much I'm loving you irrespective of the faults he brings before me about you. But do you think i care about those faults? moreso after you've asked me The all forgiving Father to forgive you. Seems he tends to forget that the blood I shed isn't dry yet and can never be dry, seem he's forgotten of what wonders my Blood does. Well, you can't blame him, isn't he known to be the spirit of forgetfulness himself?
Dad: So how about whats going on in ur life right now?
Rinsola: Well, All knowing Dad, you know i'm doing well, but can do better .
Dad: Aren't you going to expantiate on w'sup?
Rinsola: But Dad you know it all....,
Dad: But dear i want to hear you talk. I'm a listener you know?
Rinsola: But Dad i don't want to be ungrateful or start ranting.
Dad: And have i ever judged you on that? I love you and who you are, i made you, but not with the ranting, i made perfection, have you forgotten I'm called the Master Potter? Waoh, you need to see the joy on my face when i was making you.
Rinsola: But Dad, i appreicate You, but please why didn't you bless me with lovely curly hair so i don't have to spend time and money on braids all the time? Why didn't you put the spot on my neck, on my cheek? and could You please make me 20lbs lighter? just like Lolas'.
Dad: (With a smile on his face)......... Do you know I made just one Lola, same way i made just one Rinsola, i never made two of you, and there can never be two of you. I made you Rinsola the way you are without a mistake, i wasn't sleeping when i was making you, nether was i not with thought. Just like you all kid when you see my products "God created this one on a sunday, Olorun fara bale da eleyi) I took my time in creating you.
Rinsola: Ok....(with doubt in her mind). Okay Dad, im sorry for complaining, and i would begin to dwell on that. But dad do you know i would be a graduate soon ? and i don't know what my next step would be career wise, i thought i knew but now i don't have an idea.
Dad: I told you to always ask, and seek me when you want to know what next, i told you a while ago, i'm the ALL knowing, right? I comprehend your path, and your lying down, remember?

Rinsola: Yes I do.
Dad: Before I formed you, I knew you. Because you have me, you are a majority and your future is secured. Remember what I'm called during this time? Jehovah Jireh. With me, you are destined for success and Victory. One thing i have never promised you, is a smooth road, free of challenges. I promised you a destination and I promised to be Jehovah Shamah during those alone time, I am your ever present help when you call on me. You have a destination in this journey thru life, you would smile, but along the road, you would be challenged, I would never allow you more than you can ever bear. Remember I am Grace? Then i am sufficient for you; I am El-Shaddai.
Rinsola: Okay Dad, why havent i achieved certain things i should have achieved at my age? I planned that at a certain age i would be married and at a certain age, i would have attained my medical degree.
Dad: (The look on His face was questionable) Do you know tomorrow? or better still do you know what would happen the next second? Rinsola love, I need an answer.
Rinsola: No Dad.
Dad: EXACTLY and That 's 'cos you'r not Me, and remember YOU CAN NEVER BE ME! 'cos I AM GOD! Ehyeh asher ehyeh; The I AM THAT I AM, THE FIRST AND THE LAST, THE CREATOR of the Creation, The one who knows the deeepest thought of man. ADE-Rin-si- Ola MI ? I have called you by My name, you are My own, but i want you to know that the manifestation of the word is for an appointed time. How about delighting in my words than my name? I am not a liar, have I spoken and it did not come to pass? My love, ears have not heard what i would do neither have eyes seen it. I am indeed God, without a doubt. I am ABLE, exceedingly ABLE to do much more than you would ever imagine. I am AWESOME!
Rinsola: (Waoh...... would this be pride, the way He's chanting about Himself....)
Dad: (With a smile, He said to me) Rinsola, you know i heard what you just said?
Rinsola: But Dad, i didn't say it out.
Dad: I know the heart of men, and his thoughts i know also. I have created you to inhabit your praise. I take pride in looking at you all and knowing No one can do better, and That's why you call me AWESOME!
Rinsola: (Always speechless before Him)...........
Dad: So any more gist you want to give me?
Rinsola: Nah, i don't think so. They're so vital, You could be less bothered, since You have a whole lot of issue to take control of.
Dad: smiling and saying.... I'm all ears, and still waiting.........
Rinsola: I'm going to be making some yam porridge this afternoon, and i'm concerned it may not turn out nice
Dad: Okay, call me when you'r ready to cook, and let's do it together.
Rinsola: For REAL?Waoh, thats so awesome......................! A knock on the door distracts my attention, but i shall be back to continue my gist with Him.
Try a Father -Child relationship with Him today. I know of a fact that, He's the coolest of Dads, Best of all friends. I'm proud to say, i have the audacity to talk to an Awesome one as a friend, and without holding back. I love my relationship with Him, and i even ask Him W'SUP? Can you imagine that?
Have a funfilled and fufilled weekend everyone. The countdown continues..................


Fashola said...

Rinsola, this is a great piece. Insight hidden in the word!

Olamild said...

ahwwwwwwwwwww I love this
I should even try this
I hardly talk to my God one on one

Miss Opeke said...

a.k.a H.R.G...this is really deep...that's the way we should talk to a friend, a father...He is really all knowing...Bless you...

Have a good weekend...

Omodudu said...

I like the song playing

Omodudu said...

who is it

Manda said...

love dis post, Happy burfday sweet.

Rinsola said...

@Fashola thanks, hope u got the message?
@Olamild, you should really try it, refreshing!
@MsOpeke thanks GF, Have a great weekend also.
@Omodudu, that's Kurt Carr -Awesome wonder.
@Manda Thank you, and howz ur day coming?

~Mimi~ said...

i was on terc briefly like twice, but couldnt wait long or talk cos i was at work :)

how are u?

African Gem said...

Nice, it's good to have such an open relationship with ur dad, u can learn sooo much from him...very interesting conversation. I especially like the part where he said "call me when your ready to cook" awwww...soooo cute.:)

A Kel called Wonder ...... said...

Very lovely, reminds us that God is ever present. I like the title of the post also. Lovely

temmy tayo said...

Don't i just love this...

SapphireAster said...

OMG I have not heard this song since I left naija OMG. *sings...he's a wonder he's a wonder...he's a mighty God.'

Love it!

Ugo Daniels said...

Wonderful relationshio you have with ya Dad, I do too.

On the flip side, where da parry gon be! holla cos i wanna attend ;)

Rinsola said...

@ Mimi, sorry jare. I'm good and you?
@African gem, thanks, and yeah you have so much to learn from Him.
@A Kel called wonder, Thank you!
@Temmytayo, good to know you love it.
@Sapphireaster, that's Awesome wonder by Kurt carr.
@Ugo daniels, The parriee is going to be hia on me page, would send you an invite soon.

Believer said...

This was a refreshing post to read. I love the simplicity and yet the depth of your relationship with Daddy. I love the song on your blog and happy birthday in advance. Remain blessed

classybabe said...

This is a lovely post!I find myself having conversations with God,i was just telling my friend about this recently