Monday, December 1, 2008


I believe in God………………………………………..
I believe in God because of His daily gift of free life and great health for as long as I can remember. Why won’t I believe in God when He shows Himself to me in dreams, in an entirely different, unique and awesome dimension.
I believe in God because just as His words are in the Bible, so is He. He said others will forsake me but He WILL NEVER FORSAKE ME! He has been THERE for me, more than I can EVER imagine.
I believe in God because just when I looked at those bills and calculated them, I knew without a doubt that I could not pay those bills, but just as I was about giving up all hope. He came through for me exactly when I needed it most, and without any begging from anyone, I can boast of having a great provider and sustainer. Why won't i believe in the God who spoke to me that day, that i didn't have to have a job to pay my bills (i sure doubted Him) But again, He's not a man that should lie, and He has shocked me through 16months of joblessness, paying all my bills, feeding me, clothing me, fixing my car, buying gas in my car, and still able to remind me that He stand by His words "I shall not lack anything good, or beg before i eat"
I believe in God because He has never stopped defining His names to me in many ways.
I believe in God because, Just as I was trying to cheat my way through ‘and help someone out during an exam in my last semester in college, in a hall of 120 students, My professor walked towards me and asked for my calculator and all eyes were on me, but few seconds before I handed it over to him, I asked God “Please forgive me and cover my shame”. He DID JUST THAT ; My professor came towards me and saw nothing on my calculator, but the moment he left, I looked at the calculator and saw what my professor didn’t see that would have kept me in trouble. I honestly can’t explain that, but He had mercy on me and lifted my head up.
I believe in God, because He has proved HIMSELF as GOD OVER AND OVER AGAIN.
I believe in God, because of how He ALWAYS comes through for me. (Please whenever I start sounding ungrateful, remind me of His faithfulness).
I believe in God, because I gave up on believing in Him, so many times and in so many ways, but not for a second has He ever given up on me or let me down.
I believe in God because when I’m down and loosing hope, He ALWAYS comes as a still small voice to remind me that He’s more than able, and becomes that peace that sends me worryfree to bed.

I believe in God because, whether i accept it or not I am a testimony of His great deeds.
I believe in God because He’s made me a believer of ALL OF WHO HE SAID HE IS.: THE GOD OF ALL POSSIBILITIES!