Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Last day of the month

Waoh, seemed like i said happy new month yesterday before i went to bed, and waking up to the last day of the month today. Thank God i'm alive today and in good health, and yeah i had His peace this month.
So i spent the better part of yesterday moving out of my apartment. When i was done, i looked at my wristwatch and it was 1:06am. Are u serious? so i spent 7hours moving? okay, my friends were around to help me move, so it wasn't moving alone we did during those 7hours. Funny thing is i'm having an exam tomorrow; so why are you blogging, is that the question? Well, i'v been studying all day, and needed a break so i decided to post up something, and after this i'm off to take a nap.
Nywayz, this is the last day of the month of july, and in a couple of hours it would be the month of August. Yet another new month, and also the month i was born; precisely the 7th day of the eighth month. And we all know 7 is a unique and special number right? So it's going to be a countdown to my birthday with thanks to God for all He's ever been to me, and all He's ever done in my life. Hope you join me in saying Thank God for yet another life been spared. Have a great day, and should i say have a fufilled rest of the month? Take care everyone.


Smoothvibes said...

Thanks Rinsola! 7 is the number of perfection ..I've been told.

Glad it was a month of peace for you.
So let's begin the countdown to your birthday! Woo hoo!

Any parties?

Beyond said...

ok, best of luck with your exams n how are you planning to celebrate your B-Day.

Rinsola said...

@smmothvibes and beyond i donnow yet, 'cos it's a weekday and my folks would be outta town. But let's see how it goes.