Friday, June 15, 2007

My puff puff.

Thank God it's friday. I wasn't able to post up anything yesterday 'cos yours' truly has been apartment hunting. My lease expires July 31st, and i can't seem to get anywhere nice enough(when i say nice enuff, i mean a comfortable and quiet area). I'm scared 'cos i have only four more months to stay in this school, and i'm done, but what if i'm not able to find anyone to sublease the place to when i'm leaving, what would i do? meaning i would have to pay the rent for a place i'm not going to be staying over at, and thats not wise enuff for my pocket. I've made all the possible calls i can, and i hope someone gives me a positive response when they call.
So i finally made my puff-puff yesterday, but wasn't able to put up the result of the experiment. It's an experiment 'cos this is my first time of trying it out. It turned out good for me, and tasted just like the ones i always had from the woman who sells it on Opebi roundabout. But i must confess hers' tastes way better than mine, i guess 'cos she's a pro already, but not too worry i'ld turn out better in my puff-puff making skills pretty soon, and would let you all know how it goes. Who knows, maybe this is the beginning of Rinsi's finger foods (first naija food mogul!), i sabi dream abi? don't laugh at me, 'cos u just never know. Nywayz,
Dscribe, this is the recipe and the how to
Vegetable Oil
Pour some flour and sugar into a bowl, mix with your hands till you get a smooth feel, then run lukewarm water from your faucet into a teacup or a smaller cup or bowl. Pour the yeast into the water and cover for five minutes. Pour the yeast into the flour and sugar and add some more water. Make sure the mixture isn't too thick or watery, it should be inbetween. Cover and store in a cool dry place preferably in the oven for two-three hours so it rises. Then heat up some vegetable oil, and squeeze out some of the flour mixture with your hands into the oil. You should check with a fork to see if it's ready, and if it is ready the fork should come out clean, and bam you have your puff-puff ready. I added some chicken wings, and buttermilk ranch to fill up the plate and make it look more welcoming. (Put in mind that different people make it in different ways and still come out with the same result). Okay peoples' thats about it for now, so make sure you all have a great weekend by making some puff puff.


TaureanMinx said...

Wow, i will try this this weekend.

Ugo Daniels said...

Damn! pls, can i have some. all of a sudden, am hungry! lawl! If only i cook! *sighs*

DiAmOnD hawk said...

hmmm.. puff puff... looks good. i havent made it in a while. i have an age-old family recipe that my cousin gave me... may try to do it again soon

Rinsola said...

@Tminx, lemme know how it turned out if you tried it out.
@UgoD. yeap you can have some. Are you saying, you don't know how to cook or you just don't cook? I now know where most of ur money ends up at.
@Diamond, thanks jare, and trust me it does taste good. share your recipe too.

classybabe said...

Your puff puff looks nice,i have not made any in years!I should try my hand at it again soon

Rinsola said...

@classybabe, thanks, and if you try it out lemme know how it turned out.