Wednesday, June 13, 2007

I'm bored!

Have you ever been in a situation where all you just want to do is either lay in bed and sleep without any phone call, or disturbance of any sort? Well, that's how i felt towards the end of yesterday. I picked up a book to read, but all i did was stare at page 46 without flipping past the page, but think, think, think, and worry on what i sure could do nothing about. I ended up watching a couple of movies and thank God for Naija blogville, i felt much better after stopping by a couple of blogs, and that reminds me; I'm sooooooooooooooo loving blogidol, it's too early to say who my favourite blogidol is, but let's keep listening and voting. Wish all ye contestants the best, have fun singing and make sure you all sing your hearts out, okay? I owe the best blogidol my vote.
I'm on a mission to learn how to make meat-pies and puff puff, today would be for the puff puff and friday would be for the meatpie, so wish me luck. I pray it turns out well, it would cut costs if i ever have any hosting to do, or what do you all think? or am i being too Ijebuish? (You know it's needed sometimes) Okay peoples' take care of yourselves and have a great day.


Bunmi said...

Eh ya pele, it feels like that sometimes, but good to know u feel much more better. Let us know how the puffpuff turned out, okay?

2ndCorin5:17 said...

Thanks 4 stopping by my blog!!!!!!!!!!!! God bless!!! I'm about 2 leave u message. Stay smiling girlie!!!