Tuesday, June 12, 2007


For some reason i was able to remember that today makes it 14 years that the M.K.O PDP election results was/were annulled due to what only God knows. Flashback to that day; I was scared and i thot the gunshots were that from robbers. I remember i was home for the holidays, and was over at my aunt Dunni's house for her birthday party, and all we could hear then were gunshots, i remember vividly when my aunts' husband was no where to be found and i cant remember there been cell phones then, so there was no way she could get intouch with him. My aunt was scared stiff, and her eyes were red (still believed she was crying, but she said she didn't cry), only for her house help to say "Boda Akin lo gbe awon ara ibise won ni, won ni kin so fun yin, sugbon mo'n fo abo lowo ni" Transalation: "Brother Akin told me to tell you, but i forgot 'cos i was washing the dishes". So today is my aunt Dunni's birthday, i decided to send her a text message at exactly 12am and remind her about the happenings of 14 years ago. Thank God for sparing our lives, but fourteen years after, i look back at what Nigeria has been thru and what we've achieved as a nation, and all i can say is IT IS WELL, and I BELIEVE WE'LD GET THERE SOMEDAY.
So have you all seen this new show "Hells Kitchen"? So Eddie (the smallest of the guys) was eliminated yesterday, and to make matters worse, the Host of the show insulted him off the show, as if being challenged was not enough for him, i felt that was sooooo rude, and so uncalled for. Guess what? Yours truly started crying, Imagine! (I got so much tears to let go, abi?). I didn't think it was neccessary to be insulted that way, or am i being too senisitive or what? Maybe if you watched the show, you would understand better. Nywayz peoples' have a blessed day.


Ugo Daniels said...

All we ask for is peace and development in 9ja. Let all the political killings stop.

Unfortunately i've never seen da show you mentioned but hopefully one day, i will.

A piece of advise though, change your font color to something else like white or yellow as this blue color hurts the eyes and makes for uninteresting reading.


chidi said...

first time on your blog....like what you said in this post. There should be peace in nigeria. The people deserve it.

Rinsola said...

@Ugo, thanks for the advice, would change it ASAP, hope it bceomes more interesting as the day goes by.
@chidi, thanks for stopping by, and yes all we ask for is peace.

~Mimi~ said...