Monday, September 17, 2007

...........These times

Looking at the caption/picture above, you all sure know a little about what you're about to read.

Well, school is coming on well and i honestly can't complain, and God sees my heart i'm not grateful enough. I honestly wish i would be more appreciative than i am right now.

Okay, back to the subject matter. I'm in stage of my life now where i am so confused that i know whom to run to, but it seems the sight of man is all that is glaring at me now. One of the many amazing reasons why i love God is that, He's ALWAYS READY to teach me certain things in different ways, and makes me see reason why. I've always known well enough not to put my trust in man, but sometimes i feel certain people are just not the type to dissappoint you, do you guys understand what i mean? Well, over the weekend, He taught me AGAIN that no matter how good a man seems or is i still have no right to put my trust in them except Him (Jeremiah 17:5 Thus saith the LORD; Cursed be the man that trusteth in man, and maketh flesh his arm, and whose heart departeth from the LORD). During these hurtful time, i was able to spare a smile and ask Dad "Why're You such a jealous God, na wa for You o, cursed loun loun? ha". I'm sure He was like "Little do you know w'sup".

Every single quiet minute alone either in my car or anywhere, it's either i'm asking Dad how long this would go on, or I'm crying out loud. I'm so confused, i donno what to do, i've tried thinking straight but all that comes to mind is the negative what if's, I need to be very honest, the last time i got this scared was when i thought i would loose my mum. But why am i scared? why is there so much fear? where is the ever constant talk of my faith? what's happening to me? am i doubting God? Oh my, I've been such a crybaby i must confess and most times all i want to do is be alone and talk to Dad, but instead of talking to Him, i find myself becoming a questionnaire and start asking Him why? instead of what next? I've been jobless for the past month, and it seems like the world is against me.

You know the annoying thing about the whole situation? I KNOW HE'S WATCHING AND IN CONTROL, right? BUT why do i feel like He isn't watching? why do i feel like He's abandoned me? Why do i feel like He could care less about me? Why do i forget He's just by my side? Why do i feel like He's not listening? Right now i can't find the words to honestly express how i feel. One minute, i'm crying and next second, i'm smiling 'cos i'm saying "Dad You're in control right?" Before the past week ended He consoled me with Isaiah 49 but He emphasized on verse 14 (He called me Zion), Verse 15: He said others can forget, BUT He WILL NOT forget me. Verse 16: He said He has ENGRAVED me in His always busy palms. You know what part made me smile again? Verse 24-25. You want to know what it is? It would intrest you MORE if you pick up your Bible and study that part.

I know some of you know this already, but lemme remind you. NO MATTER what you may be going thru, though there may seem no way out of your situation. There's always a way to God's presence. Hard as it may seem, trust me when i tell you He's working behind the scenes of His childrens' lives. I'm in that situation now where i feel like He's forsaken and forgotten me, BUT within me I KNOW WITHOUT A DOUBT HE'S IN CONTROL, i just need His strength to be able to hold on. Don't wait for anyone to encourage you, speak to God just about the way you feel.

I'm looking forward to Thursday, when i'ld be off to New Jersey for a wedding, i hope i'm able to have a great time, and get my mind off these down times. (My mates are looking for jobs, me i'm travelling to Jersey, abi? is that the next question? Well, I bought my ticket 5weeks before i became jobless).

Would you say a prayer for me?:

Dear Lord, speak Your Peace into Rinsola's life and situation, Be Rinsola's strength during these times, show yourself strong in her life. Proove Yourself as Jehovah Jireh in her life. Make her understand and learn what You needed to teach her during this time. May she come out of this situation as a victor and not a victim..................................These times shall pass.

Have a funfilled and fufilled week everyone.


Anonymous said...

i'vsaid that prayer and am sure dad has heard even though i cldnt say it out loud due to the presence of pple around me, :). I know u'll be fine.

We all go thru these things but it helps us appreciate God even more by the time he sorts our issues out. Dont feel down dear, like u'v already mentioned, he'll never 4get u nor forsake you! Infact why would he? I cant see why a loving father(like God) would want to forget his beloved.

Be strong aigghht, he's got it all in control. And make sure u have fun at New Jersey o. U never know what might happen there.....seriously God works in mysterious ways!

Olamild said...


Aijay said...

I like that you know God is always in control. We all feel like this sometimes. Not to worry, your faith in God will see you through.
You'll give us a testimony soon.
Take care!

Sparkle said...

God will see u through

disgodkidd said...

rinsola, you are better than me. you called yourself a crybaby; i have been a shame. i put up a post titled "venting at the blessing", but i have taken it off. maybe google will still have it cached. but you have spoken some truths to me in this post that i needed to hear.

i say the prayer for you. and for me too.

Pea said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog! :)

No matter what it looks like, feels like, smells like, sounds like, He is and will continue to be Jehovah Jireh in your life - He doesn't need you to have a job for Him to show that. I really empathize with every line in this entry - including the see-saw from crying to smiling and back to crying (and then back again to smiling and knowing God is in control) and I guess that's why it was so easy to pray for you.

God's child said...

My dear I prayed for you and I'm standing in agreement with all your prayers. God said that He'll test our faith to prove it genuine, just like gold passes through the fire, you are going through it, and rest assured He'll restore your fortunes and bless you 2x as much with not just a job, but a better job! He'll give you a bigger platform to draw people to Him. So keep reaching into His world, and command it into your reality. I am even excited to here of your testimony when your harvest time comes! They who reap in sorrows will harvest in joy.

thanks for stopping by my blog

Miss Opeke said...

Dear Rinsola,

I have to confess that maybe I am guilty of abandoning you…please do not be annoyed with me. Am I forgiven? I know you will forgive me because you do have a sweet Spirit. Thank you for understanding…

One thing I know about God is that He will never give us more than we can carry…and when He is about to do something wonderful in our lives, things may look blur but He will surprise you.

Just remember that I will be praying with you and for you because I know what it can be in a crossroad…you start looking for answers to all the questions on your mind.
God is infinite, and He is going to pour Himself into you and into your abilities and you will take on His capacity…just trust God and He will amaze you. “You will seek the Lord your God, and you will find Him if you seek Him with all your heart and with all your soul.” – Deuteronomy 4:29

Do take care of yourself and try to enjoy your trip to New Jersey…it just may be where God will perform your long awaiting miracle in your life…[AMEN]


Miss Opeke

Labelle said...

hmmm...feel u on this. Hold on and you'd soon see changes. I was talkin to a frend d other nite, she had called me in the middle of the nite and started talking about how she cldn't sleep and was thinkin 'bout her life, progress and all...I told her that a change is coming, the moment u realize it and u start to think about sure means that something is about to change. Goodluck and may God see u thru!

Afrobabe said...

I personally have avoided talking to friends this period just to avoid transfering my down mood to them....I just tell myself God wants me to use this time to know and love myself....

Omosewa said...

Hey babe, you've said it all, you know he's watching and he loves you more than you can ever know or imagine. And whats a xteristic of love? constantly looking out for the one you love, right? so yes papa God is not asleep, he knows and he will move, just keep your faith and stay thankful, tears just give headaches, altho sometimes, its good to let them out, i know you'll find a job befitting of a child of God and you'll share your testimony with us very soon. I love the song playing on ur blog.


Babawilly said...

Read this post with interest. During a meeting today the speaker was talking about the different stages of Cardiac failure. When he got to -breathless at rest, it nsounded loud in my brain. How can one be breathless at rest? Here i am wondering if I would do the London marathon 2008 and there are people breathless before they even get out of bed. That make me realise that despite my problems (and them plenti) ,there ar more thing for me than AGAINST ME. You have a job already. Pray for directions to the job.

Jaycee said...

Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful...couldn't have expressed your heart any better than this Rinsola!!!

You know how u said sometimes when you're going through things God shows His presence in several ways, well...guess what? God makes no mistakes...merely me coming to your blog right now and reading this was God's way of telling me that He's very present in my current happenings as well. Haleluyahhhh!!! Yippee...let me carry on today in this same knowledge...

woowwww...thank u so muchhh!

And as for your concerns, just BE STILL and KNOW that He is God!

Allied said...

Rinsola.. Ma worry, Oluwa ti se.

I know exactly where you are coming. But our God is faithful. He is always in the mist of our trouble.

Prettylyf said...

Be still and know that He is God


and God said.... are a victor, you would always be first,your cries i have heard, your prayers i have answered, you shall not lack but be filled with my goodness for i shall complete the good work i began in you. you are blesses my child.

You heard the big MAN abi, so no problem.its well

feather said...

been through that before and i learned that its about what i feel. its about knowing what's real. and even when you have hope so little its like a thread, hold on to it. He's not far even when He seems like He is.

Naijadude said...

Reading the blog seems like I was reading about myself, you hit the nail right on the head. Its a tough battle out there, you have the confidence He's listening, He's watching, He said your walls are continually before Him, but you just dont seem to see the evidence, but I know He's a God that never leaves nor forsake us.

But I couldnt have said it any better, you just stay strong, stay in faith, ask for forgiveness, He's able and He will do it.

Thanks for sharing that tip on staying strong!

have a blessed day

30+ said...


How many times did I call you, THIS also shall come to pass. You think you can cry, you never read of Mr David Jesse (the shepherd boy).

I remember one time I had the audacity of comparing myself with Jesus that I too am much acquinted with grief, I could almost see the cloud parting as Jesus peeped and said out loud ..SAY WHAATT! Lol.

Funny I do my crying/wailing in the car as well because there is no chance of neighbours hearing.

LurLar said...

Nice Post...The amazing thing about God is that,he delays some blessings,so that by the time he is going to give it you,all the glory will be HIS OWN. Am sure,he's got the best package for you.Stay strong!!!

Believer said...

Rinsola, it is well with you.You may be in the fire but you will come forth as gold. Thanks for sharing honestly about your challenges, we as believers sometimes have doubts but at the end of the day we have a God who DELIVERS, a show up God. He is faithful concerning all He has promised you..always believe that. I was blessed by this. Remain blessed and highly favoured

Andy said...

E go beta!!!!

Cherub (former Bijouxoxo) said...

Rinsola, please email me ur email address, i sent it to the one u gave me beginning with a k, but it bounced back. Thanks, i need to include you in the TERC mailing list. Thank you

ebony said...

Thanks for stopping by. I said the prayer and it is well. Hope you had fun at the wedding. Love the song playing....stand!

princesa said...

Rin Rin, i said the prayer not just for you but for me too.
Read those bible verses too, very uplifting.

Thanks for this post.

I hope you had fun @ New jersey.

Our bessings are on the way.

princesa said...

Rin Rin, i said the prayer not just for you but for me too.
Read those bible verses too, very uplifting.

Thanks for this post.

I hope you had fun @ New jersey.

Our bessings are on the way.

Anonymous said... is well!!..PINK_SATIN

Ugo Daniels said...

You don turn to pastor ooo. Well, it's all good! I can totally relate. Even in our baddest moments, he still hears our prayers. Thank you LORD!

Miss Opeke said...

Juz here to show my continual prayer for you and with you...Take Care.

Orientatednaijababe said...

Said the prayer for you..God is working on your case, he does not sleep or slumber.

Writefreak said...

dear God, help rinsola through this trying period, if there's anything you want to teach her, help her to learn it, send people who will help her to her and help her to see a way VERY soon in Jesus name...
you seem to be doing well though, i like the fact that you're going to God with your questions, you'll make it out fine!

Olamild said...

He said it
I believe it
that settles it

when God assures you of something
believe him to do exactly what he said
because he values his own word mroe than any other thing
I don't think u need anyone to tell u this...
U were on the right
he was on the left
and u walked side by side
You walked for days
months, years and then you look to your left... he's not there
U feel alone, unloved, forsaken

All u need to do is look down my dear
You are in his hands
He's not on your left because he has carried u

It is well

Miss Opeke said...

"Grace is love that cares and stoops and rescues." ~ John R. W. Stott

How are you doing? I trust fine...Still praying with and for you...


Miss Opeke

Rinsola said...

@ ALL, THANK YOU SO SO MUCH for your encourgement and prayers. I had fun at Jersey, and God has been faithful. Would be back to update, since it's the weekend, i'ld update on monday. Have a great, funfilled and fufilled weekend everyone.

Babawilly said...

Here is link.

The 'About babawilly' link leads to my other stuff.

God bless

bighead said...

Funny thing about unreliability of man; I just read something about that this morning. I like the way you see it as a lesson rather than brood.