Monday, October 29, 2007

The Purpose Driven Life........Week 3

So you all don’t want to fly your fellow citizens’ sense gathering, time consuming, sweat trickling, and handmade helicopter? Hear me ALL: THAT’S JUST NOT FAIR, okay? Be an encouraging citizen like me, who would fly from my room to the bathroom, at least that’s a start.
So how’ve we all been doing, and how was our weekend? Well, mine went well, can’t complain. So I couldn’t post up week 3 of the PDL (Purpose Driven Life) last week, so here is it. Hope you all learn something from it like I did, or rather ponder upon it.

Week three was all about “Being formed for Gods’ family”. The author talked about baptism, love, belonging, sharing, cultivating, restoring and lastly protecting. All sure does make sense to me, but I decided to share a few with us, since I believe this is what we deal with or have dealt with one time or the other in our lives.
Love: 1st Corinthians 13vs13 “And now abideth faith, hope, love, these three, but the greatest of these is LOVE.” Chapter 13 sums it up saying if we have EVERYTHING, do ALL THE GOOD deeds, pull enough effects, move the mightiest or might mountains but don’t have love, then we are NOTHING!. This chapter went on to explain what LOVE really is, you should also try reading 1st John 4vs 7-21.
I just had to read it all over again, as in RINSOLA are you sure the love you have takes no account whatsoever of any wrong doing or hurtful deeds? As in, do I have the love God wants me to have? (Sorry there were no conversations here with Dad, all I did was search myself thoroughly and after every verse I would ask myself questions. I sure would talk it out with God, and I pray He has answers for me).
Restoring Broken Fellowship: 2nd Corinthians 5 vs. 18 “But all things are of God, who reconciled us to himself through Jesus Christ, and gave to us the ministry of reconciliation.” This from my understanding is being able to live in peace and make peace. What interested me in this chapter was the author noting that peacemaking is not avoiding conflict, peacemaking is not appeasement, not running away from a problem. He also went ahead to share the biblical steps in restoring fellowship, which included talking to God before talking to the person (which I’m guilty of sometimes), Always taking the initiative, Sympathize with their feelings, confess your part of the conflict, attack the problem, co-operate as much as possible and emphasize reconciliation not resolution. Restoring relationships could be tough, especially when the other party isn’t willing.
But fellow bloggers/readers: Quick question/discussion: Are we capable of genuine love? As in can we love genuinely without any BUT? And is love meant to be tested, as in when people say, love would stand the test of time. Finally what do you when you try restoring a broken friendship, knowing that you’re not at fault, but the other party is not even responding or picking your calls, and you’ve left uncountable messages?
Take care of yourselves and have a fun filled and fulfilled week ahead, and enjoy the last days of the month.


Olamild said...

Are we capable of genuine love? As in can we love genuinely without any BUT?

Nope we are not
We can love but it has limits. When something goes wrong, we love less. When our relationship with whomever we love (family,friends..) is rocky, our love for the person might be questioned.

And is love meant to be tested, as in when people say, love would stand the test of time.

I can't really say Yes or No. Some people do too much in the process of testing love. I just think showing love is more than words. Putting the person's feeling above yours is love. why should it be tested?

Finally what do you when you try restoring a broken friendship, knowing that you’re not at fault, but the other party is not even responding or picking your calls, and you’ve left uncountable messages?

Pray if you can.
I went through something like this about a month ago. I just decided to end the relationship. Apologising when you are not wrong makes you the better man but you get tired of it at a point. Why is it so hard for some people to say Sorry?

Orientatednaijababe said...

I have always been of the belief that we humans are incapable of loving unconditionally. Only God exhibits that quality that is what makes him who he is.
I remember discussing this with a pastor, and he was of the opinion that we can because the spirit of God lives in us ...... i don't think it is that simple though....

I just pray that i will be able to see people thru the eyes of God, that way i will be able to show love regardless of who they r or what they do for me.

Goodluck with the remaining of PDL

Isi said...

ah! ah! u still haven't updated?

princesa said...

Unconditional Love is really very rare to find cos of our fallibility as humans but God's grace makes its easier for us to love as he wants us to.

When trying to make up with others, do your best and leave the rest to God.

Miss Iyabo Opeke said...

I am going to start reading mine next month...

Olamild said...

Still expecting d E-MAIL

Believer said...

Hi rinsola..this post leaves a lot of food for thought. About genuine love..i see life as a journey where we learn how to love as He is really difficult because it brings a side of love known as pain. I see 1st Corinthians 13 as a destination to get really takes time to get there and it's not possible to love on that level in the flesh, our spirits get involved. It was love not nails that kept Jesus on the cross...can i do that? No but I strive daily to be like Him.

As for restoration of a broken relationship, pray and give it time. Relationships sometimes go through seasons, give it time and see how it goes

How are you doing?

Jaycee said...

Can't blame Nigerians from being scared that the helicopter will give up the

Hey Rin, good job with the Purpose Driven Life readings...*wink*

Rinsola said...

@ ALL, thanks for you input.
@olamild, i would send u the mail tonite. plomise.
@Ms Opeks, thank God next month is here, and please share you AHA moments.
@Isi, girl u didnt see i updated? i would smack u o.
Believer, we gats to discuss, but i'm doing great.
@Jaycee, i'm winking back, hope ur week has been great so far?

curvyice said...

Omo you be questioneer oh? too many questions u
well now i would answer to teh best pof my ability.

I wouldnt run to the conclusion that humans cannot love unconditionally. cos if GOD is love and we say we have GOD, then we should have the same amount of LOVE THAT GOD has which defines GOD. so it is possible for us who have been separated from teh world, true sons and daughters of GOD to love irrespective of what we share with whom, what we expect of who and for many more reasons that may abound.

is love meant to be tested? we might not put it in those exact words but even christ who loves us so much and came to shed his blood for us at a point said this: if you so please, let this cup pass me by, but let your will be done so it brings me to answering the third question. sometimes we need to stop holding on and ask GOD to let his will be done in our relationships. cos we may try so much but if it wanst meant to be, it jus wouldnt.

Writefreak said...

Are we capable of uncontiditional love?
Hmmm..i would say the natural man is not capable of this but the love of God is capable of loving unconditionally which is why Jesus loved us even when we were sinners, with God, we can love unconditionally. Lemme ask a lil question of mine, why do we not discontinue loving our spouses when they do things we so hate? Guess you know the answer

Bout restoring broken relationships, if you've tried your best to extend the olive branch and chosen to walk in love, pray about the issue and let God minister to the other party, you can try after a while of praying,it's worked for me in relationships that i never even thought could be restored but i really had to be patient for God to work on the other party's heart

And yes love is meant to be tested! Untried love is unproven love. Love that can stand in the face of tribulation is real love (ask me! i got real life experience)

Believer said...

Hi rinsola, hope u r good? I was expecting an email from you!!! Just popped in to show some love and remind you that you are ALWAYS on HIS mind. Isn't that just wonderful!!! Have a great week

Miss Iyabo Opeke said...

Thank you Rinsola for your support...

Olamild said...

The Gloomy night as a fading flower is over!The glorious Morning of Divine Appointment has come for YOU in the month of November as Abundant Provision Replaces Insufficient Life. Welcome to THE Month of November

The Enigma said...

Nice post. That book is just off the heezy sha. Nice work.

Rinsola said...

@believer i sent u teh mail already, sent it on friday.
@Ms Opeks,u're welcome my luv
@Olamild kiss kiss
@enigma, thanks jare.


Unconditional love? My brain is fogged from a long day, but I think that would be a tall order for most. I believe that a parent would love their child unconditionally. But, even then, we know that sometimes that is not the case. Boy, I;m to bed. Let me sleep on it...

mona said...

like ur blog.keep writing.u inspire me.

Ebonne said...

I have this book and the journal but have waited to start it until January. 1st. I am so looking forward to it though!