Tuesday, December 4, 2007

I'm reminded..........

Happy new month everyone, i know it's long overdue, but i guess not too late. It's so amazing how we've come to the end of yet another year. Thank God for His protection and mercies. I was going to put up a post on PDL week 4, but after what happened to me this evening, i decided to put up something else.
I don't know if some of you have ever been in situations in your life where you just forget about your worries and focus on who God has been to you so far. That happened to me again this evening. I was driving home from the library with a friend and all of a sudden, i don't know what happened and how it happened, but it felt like i was zoomed out of my worried state to a state of peace. I found myself thanking God mainly for His love and i started declaring and reaffirming Gods' words concerning my life, as in i went from being in a worried state to a calm state, and all i could focus on was His love for me. (I just had to shar this with us)
I hope one of you who stops by, would pause for a minute and remind yourselves and encourage yourselves that He has allowed and disallowed all things in your life all 'cos of HIS UNDYING and SELFLESS love for your best interest. (I know it could be difficult to see it like that atimes, but just hold on to His word that says "I will NEVER leave you nor forsake you"Hebrews 13vs 5 & 6).

It wasn't about how He called me, but what He called me
It wasn't about the gaze in His eyes, but how i felt when He gazed upon me
It wasn't about His anger, but the ache i believe He has on His face when i hurt
It wasn't about His spoken words to me, but how He spoke them to me
It wasn't about how i feel He smiled at me, but how the thought of His smile makes me feel
It wasn't about how His words sang to me, but how His words sang of me
It wasn't about how He cared for me, but how His care showed me of His love for me
It wasn't about His guiding my steps, but how He picked me up when i stumbled
It wasn't about His heart, but how His heart never stops beating for me
It wasn't about His assuring words, but what assurance i have knowing i have Him
It's really not about Him, but His love, how He loves me, and how He's teaching me about His love......
This love......... His love...... would stand the test of all times and would NEVER FAIL


Allied said...

i am here smiling because i understand what you are talking about. I wish it happens often .

Believer said...

My favourite verse in the scripture..I am with you ALWAYS even to the end of the age. Just the fact that He is there reminds me that I can make it. I'm loving this new template. How r u doing?

curvyice said...

Word at that. feel u all the way. been there too n trsut me i know how it feels when u come back to that realization cos i believe we go in and out of that knowing. take care of you.

aloted said...

yes my dear, our focus shld always been on God...and we shld give all over worries to him.

Meanwhile just to let you know you've been tagged! Check my blog for more details and make sure you follow the rules.

Israel Emmanuel said...

It is not about you... It's all about HIM. Continue to live in this zone, the place called REST. Have a great December!

OLAMILD said...

I couldn't have said this better than you did. The lord is good and his mercies endureth 4evr.

how av u been dear?

Rinsola said...

@ALL thanks for your input. I'm doing great and sure you all are doing awesome also. Aloted, i shall abide by thy rules.

Moments said...

Hello dear, it's actually nice to be able to read about others who share the love of God. I am quite encouraged by this post and like you, have learnt to truly depend on God and focus on him. Knowing there isn't much worrying can do for me, I've learnt to just throw myself on the one who has the power to make a difference.

And that thing about liking to drive alone?? You're not alone in that :-))... that's like a "ME Time" with God for me.

Will check you again soon.